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Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon guide

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If you are in tier 1 progression, chances are you are grinding your way through your 340 ilvl Abyss dungeons. Abyss dungeons are a form of end game content you need a party of four to complete. The second one we guide you through is the Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon.

Before you enter, you need a party of four, all of which have done the first Abyss Dungeon. If you need a quick guide to that, you can check our guide to the Demon Beast Canyon here.

Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon Mechanics and Tactics

This article will give you a rundown of what you can expect from the Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon. Rather than being the person who wipes your Abyss dungeon, you can come in armed with knowledge, turning the tides against the Necromancer’s creations. Below you will find the Necromancer’s Origin boss mechanics, tactics, and tips. You will get a proper explanation of key mechanics, while you’ll get a bullet list of other mechanics to keep an eye on.

Reanimated Garum Tactics, tips and mechanics

The first boss you come across is the Reanimated Garum, the red-eyed black dragon wannabee you encountered in the Vern cinematic. Unlike the first Abyss Dungeon, a Reanimated Garum mechanic will wipe the party if managed poorly. 

Each player gets a red orb stack above their nameplate every time the boss roars. Getting to five will kill you. A yellow orb will spawn on the minimap to counter the stacks, which removes all stacks from that player. Rotate the yellow orb that you consume around your party as soon as you can. If you’re in a matchmaking PUG group, we recommend either establishing a pick-up order or letting players know they need to pick up an orb as soon as possible and go from there.

With the key mechanic to the Reanimated Garum fight out of the way, here is a bullet summary of Reanimated Garums’ mechanics.

  • Cone Cycle – The boss can cycle using cone-based skills from his front and back, and side. You will need to cycle between standing around each position to avoid getting hit three times.
  • Dash – Garum does a dash shortly followed by a big frontal spite with his claw. Dash is harder to dodge, but the wipe can be dodged via your space bar or movement skills.
  • Double AOE – One Reanimated Garum tactic you need to be aware of is its double AOE. The boss slams his head into the ground, dealing a small AOE impact on the ground. That spot then becomes the safe zone to a wider blast that players need to move to.
  • Double Donut – The boss places two different AOE effects, one under the boss and one larger ring at the edge of the boss’ range. Stand between both red areas to not get hit. It is a similar mechanic to other boss fights you have encountered so far.
  • Side Cones – The boss can do a quick charge conal attack that emits foul magic from his left and right sides, dealing damage in three separate ticks.
  • Swipes – The boss swipes with each front claw, with a delay between two attacks. Whoever has the boss’ attention needs to be wary of this move.
  • Tail Whip – The dragon does a crack of his whippy tail. The tail sends out a cone of foul magic behind the boss, so we recommend being in a spot where rolling backwards outranges it, or you can easily get to the boss’ side.

Sigmund the Immortal mechanics, tactics and tips

Sigmund has another big party wipe check, which players need to know about in detail. The boss will hunker down into a position, with a demon eye preset in the sky. The demon eye will then show an AOE indicator that affects the entire boss room.

You need to beat the yellow bar under the boss’ name by doing lots of damage; otherwise, you and your party die.  This can happen multiple times in a boss fight. We recommend your party rotate their awakening skills during this phase to ensure the DPS check is met. So fill up on Chaos Shards before going in.

Lost Ark Sigmund the Immortal mechanics
These are the two orbs in question for the 1 HP mechanic.
Choose wisely.

The other core mechanic happens when you drop the boss’ health to 1. When the boss gets to one HP, he will then do a large AOE and become invincible. Players need to separate themselves, one north, one east, one south, and the other player west. Each of these directions will have a red and a black orb. You need to click the orb; depending on the colour of the AOE you can see lighting the zone up. Get it wrong, and it detonates. 

This 1 HP mechanic happens twice a fight. After successfully doing it the first time, the boss will reactivate with another ten bars of HP. Cycle through the health bars and do the mechanic again to kill the boss.

With the wipe checks explained, here are the Sigmund the Immortal mechanics to be wary of:

  • Don’t stand in the fire – The boss randomly chooses a player that spawns a pool of foul magic under the target that persists. This can happen several times a fight and is hard to place in ideal situations – it is something to be aware of.
  • Double demon eye AOEs – The boss uses the demon eye to do a larger AOE around its body. It will then turn and use the demon eye to use a powerful, long, and wide front cone. We rewcommedn standing behind the boss as the range is very long.
  • Falling Debris – This boss has a falling debris mechanic making red eyes fall from the sky onto random locations around the room. When they land they shoot out eight missiles on a 360 cone around the impact, so there are two aspects to dodge. Note if you get hit by the meteor as it lands, it will not send out the eight missiles, which might be an option for classes that shield themselves to mop up.
  • Front Cone – Foul magic attacks players caught in a frontal cone.
  • Jumps and Leaps – The boss is known to jump backwards or leap forward fairly consistently.
  • More orbs – The boss can summon four orbs that split in different directions, then rotate roughly 30 degrees and fire again. Learn where the first orbs fire and then stand in that direction to avoid the second. The boss can fire even more orbs later into the fight.
  • Raining Blood – The boss randomly drops blood pools around the room that persist for a short while.
  • Shart range 360 attack –  The boss’s demon eye spins around and damages anyone in a 360 melee range around the boss.
  • Stand under the boss – The boss will do a large AOE that fills the entire area except for a small section under the boss. Stand under the boss until the skill detonates.

This concludes the Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon guide. If you enjoyed it, why not check out our Lost Ark hub?

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