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Lost Ark Founders’ pack skins – What cosmetics can you get from Founders’ packs?


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Smilegate Studios and Amazon Games have revealed a closer look at the upcoming Lost Ark Founders pack skins. The Founders packs have various rewards that come with the game, with each pack offering different tiers of rewards. Some of the better regards from the higher tier founder packs include the actual skins and mounts. Here is a guide on what you need to do to get Lost Ark Founder Pack Skins and what they look like.

Lost Ark Founders pack skins

Depending on which versions of the game you get, you will get different rewards. The actual Lost Ark Founders pack skins you get only come with either the gold or platinum version of the game. Also, the skins are only available to buy for a limited time. Once the free to play version of the game goes live, these founder packs will no longer be purchasable, meaning these skins will have a legacy value attached to them to glorify the original and long term supporters.

Most of the Lost Ark Founders pack skins are redeemable via the Platinum pack, however, the gold edition gets the Lost Ark Northern Lawmaker skin. Below you’ll find the difference between the skins and the value that Platinum packs offer cosmetic fans. 

Lost Ark Northern Lawmaker skin

The Northern Lawmaker skins is a one time use skin that gold edition owners will get their hand on. When you first make a character you have the option to redeem the skin on. Once you redeem it, you will no longer be able to sue the skin on any other class. Note, the Northern Lawmaker ski looks a little different for each of the class archetypes. So far, Amazon Game has only revealed what the skin looks like on the Warrior and the Ranger class. If you want to see what the skin looks like on a Martial Artist, Assassin, or Mage, then you will need to wait for a video comparison of the skin, which Amazon Games and Smilegate are apparently doing at some point as stated in the forums.

However, this is the sort of quality you can expect from the Northern Lawmaker skin.

Lost Ark Founders pack Platinum skins

Lost Ark Founder Pack Skins platinum skins
Here is the concept art of the platinum skins. Image via Smilegate Studios / Amazon Games.

If you fancy the most bang for your buck, the Platinum edition comes with a skin for every single subclass, or advanced class if you will. Note, this skinline also follows the same rule as the Northern Lawmaker skin, as in you can only redeem it on the first character you want to redeem it for. We highly recommend looking at the collection of Lost Ark Platinum Founder skins through the press asset. Alternatively, a YouTuber called Hi I’m Fox has comparison videos on several platinum skins.

Once again, Amazon Games and Smilegate Studios are on the warpath for releasing a video compiling the differences between the skins closer to launch. Have an idea of what you can expect from the Lost Ark founders pat skins, and then when the videos are out you can decide which class(es) you want to redeem one or both skins for.

Other Lost Ark Platinum pack cosmetics

Also, it is worth mentioning the Platinum pack also comes with other cosmetic bonuses. The Founders mount is a three-headed dog, aka Cerberus, which has several different coloured versions of it. Moreso, players can also get an exclusive train for their stronghold and place it down as decoration, and lastly, you get a unique login screen for the game. 


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