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Lost Ark Deadeye beginner’s guide: Skills, Tripods, Engravings


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Lost Ark has quite a collection of gunners on hand. While some prefer bows, snipers, or even cannons, the Deadeye is thematically your up close and personal demon slayer. This class is all about getting behind characters and dealing big crits with his dastardly shotgun while swapping to other weapons when it matters the most. Here is a beginner-friendly guide to the Lost Ark Deadeye class.

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Lost Ark Deadeye Guide

This Lost Ark Deadeye guide will take a closer look at what you can expect from the Deadeye class. You need to know about this class because it is primarily a close-ranged gunner, which relies a lot on getting crits and doing big damage. The risk is of course you are getting up close and personal, meaning you are more susceptible to taking damage and other mechanics. However, mastering this class means you will do some incredibly high damage. If you like the idea of the class but the difficulty intimidates you, why not check out the Gunslinger?

The Gunslinger is pretty much the same class as the Deadeye, except for slight differences. For example, the Gunslinger has more sniper rifle themed actions. Meanwhile, she can upgrade her skills using her tripods to remove the back attacks, making her much more flexible in different situations. On the other hand, the Deadeye relies on getting point-blank and getting in back attacks to maximize DPS. It is important information so you can get a better idea of the playstyle of the Dead Eye.

Lost Ark Deadeye Identity Skills

Lost Ark Deadeye guide
The Deadeye is a shotgun specialist.

Like the Gunslinger, the Deadeye uses three different weapons, the pistols, sniper and shotgun. This makes the Deadeye vastly different to other Lost Ark classes, which tend to have an identity gauge and some form of ultimate ability. The Shotgun is all about doing waves of high burst damage attacks and combos as close to the enemy as possible. Meanwhile, the pistol is your dash, leap, and mixed AOE skills weapon. When you need to harass enemies at a distance for whatever reason, then the sniper is you go to.

However, since the Gunslinger relies on back attacks and close range, you never really use the sniper rifle unless you cannot use your shotgun or pistol.

Lost Ark Deadeye Skills and Tripods

As mentioned above, pretty much all the late-game Korean Lost Ark Dead Eye builds rely on the shotgun and pistol for damage. It also means that you can typically expect to see the pistol use a mixture of AOE and mobile skills, while the shogun is where you get most of your damage from. It is also worth mentioning that there is a postal only build, which puts all your damage into the pistol and prevents the use of the other two weapons, but it is incredibly niche.

Below, we will detail everything you need to know on the typical Lost Ark Deadeye skill usage and tripods. This is so you can get an idea of what to expect once you finish levelling your Dead Eye. Note that we have added a few extra skills since not everyone likes using the same skills for each weapon. It gives you an idea of the flexibility that the class brings.

As for your tripods, they are merely buffs you can apply to your skills. Since the Deadeye is all about getting damage through the shotgun, you will want to use your skill points on the shotgun, Anything that makes it easier to do damage with the shotguns is what you want to invest your tripods in.

Skill What it does
Spiral Tracker Throw a pistol at the location that shoots enemies nearby.
Enforce Execution Combo skill that offers a 5-meter dash and kicks the first target in the Deadeye’s path in the air. Those kicked in the air are shot again for more damage and punched away.
Quick Step Slide 6 meters and fire the weapon along the way.
Plasma Bullet Fires a slow-moving plasma round that deals damage to those it passes through.
Meteor Stream Fire several rounds in the air that later crash to an area you chose.
Somersault Dash forward ten meters and deal damage along the way.
Equilibrium Fires your handgun around you hitting multiple targets.
AT02 Grenade Throw a grenade at the target area for AOE damage.
Dexterous Shot Slide and shoot your guns. It can be cast twice.
Cruel Tracker  Fire six pistol shots with the seventh round doing bonus damage.
Death Fire Hold down and shoot your pistols for 3 seconds dealing damage, hit the perfect shot again to leap and deal damage.
Focus Shot Fires three sniper rounds back to back with the third hitting the most damage.
Catastrophe Fire a claymore at the area that blows up and knocks enemies in the air.
Perfect Shot Fires a sniper round that has a perfect shot mechanic. Land that to deal even more damage and knockdown foes hit.
Sign of the Apocalypse Fires your shotgun twice that deals double damage to point-blank enemies.
Last Request Fires an explosive shotgun round that deals damages and knocks foes up.
Shotgun Dominator Fires two shotguns with a third shot that knocks enemies up and deals bonus damage. Those in the point-blank range take 2x damage.
Shotgun Rapid Fire Shoot your shotgun three times. Those in the point-blank range take 2x damage.

Lost Ark Deadeye Engravings

Lost Ark Deadeye Engravings
Here are the Lost Ark Deadeye class engravings.

It is worth mentioning that the Deadeye has two class engravings like all Lost Ark classes. The first is the Enhanced Weapon, which increases your crit rate up to 30% whenever you switch weapons. This is the most common class engraving used by nearly all end game players. The other is Pistoleer. This removes shotgun and sniper from the class,  granting up to 60% increase in pistol damage and increasing our damage against staggered opponents too, along with better awakening damage and skill damage. We strongly recommend using the Enhanced weapon engraving when you make it to the end game.

Master of Ambush is an absolutely perfect engraving for the Deadeye. The reason why is because the engraving offers even more damage for back attacks. Since your class is all about doing back attacks and the bonus 2x damage for point-blank, this engraving scales with your damage incredibly well. This is a must pick up for any serious shotgun Deadeye players.

Grudge is another fantastic option to increase your damage.  You can get up to 20% bonus damage increase to your enemies. However, be cautious of the fact you also take more damage. Since Deadeyes are always up close and personal, this makes it a reward yet dangerous engraving to consider. If you’re still learning how to beat bosses or other hard content, then we recommend not using it as it means you’re more likely to die.

On the other hand, you’ll also want to look into Precise Dagger, as that increases your crit damage, while Cursed Doll increases your attack power. You want as much damage and crit bonuses as you can get, as the 2x damage on point-blank hits can crit, meaning you can get some incredibly fun numbers on your screen  Use these alongside Keen Blunt Weapon as that too offers crit chance increase. However, it does have a chance to make your attacks do 20% less damage. Keep that in mind when your damage values seem a bit lower than usual. Lastly, Adrenaline is good for increasing your damage that stacks based on your damage output.

You can also take the Heavy Armor engraving, which increases your total defense skill by 20%, 50%, or 100%, depending on the level of the heavy armor engraving. However, the Gunslinger is a fairly mobile class, so if you get good at using your mobile skills and space bar dodge you may not need this.

Most of these Gunslinger engravings are situational and revolve around your personal issues and circumstances. Keep this in mind as you build your character for the content you are doing.

Lost Ark Deadeye Awakenings

There are two Lost Ark Deadeye Awakenings. The first is Clay Bombardment, which throws explosives in a circle around you. The other is Bursting Flare, which uses a sniper rifle and shoots three times. The first two shots deal lots of damage to the first target hit, while the third damage does even more bonus damage. The final shot also knocks an enemy away. 

The Bursting Flare awakenings skill is the most useful for the Deadeye because it is much more reliable and easier to use. If you get used to the ring on Clay Bombardment, it is still viable to use in certain circumstances, especially PvP.

Lost Ark Deadeye Gems

The most common gems you will find on any Lost Ark Deadeye build are the casting speed increase gems. The reason why is because the Deadeye’s shotgun has plenty of hold skills. Any gem that makes your key damage skills do their damage quicker makes the class much more reliable and feel more fluid.

On the other hand, you can also take cooldown reduction gems for your fire and forget skills. It means you’re more likely to switch back to other weapons to use those cooldowns. It naturally benefits your ability to keep your empower weapon buff time up if you use that class engraving.

If you opt for Pistoleer, then you want gems that lower your cooldowns. You only have eight skills, and you get plenty of damage increases through the pistoleer engravening you don’t need damage gems. Therefore, the more CD gems, the better.


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