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Lost Ark Bard guide: Build, Skills, Engravings

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Fancy giving the ultimate support class in Lost Ark a chance? Well then, you have come to the right place. This Lost Ark Bard guide is all about giving you a quick run of what you can expect from this party-friendly class. If you’re a fan of supporting, healing or buffing allies, then this is the class for you. Not to mention all the friends and party invites you’ll get for simply being a Bard. Not too shabby, hey?

Perks aside, this Lost Ark Bard guide is looking at what the best players in Korea and Russia are doing, so you can get a broad idea of what the class is about. It will also cover Bard’s most common skills and engravings, so you know exactly how to build this class.

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Lost Ark Bard Guide

Lost Ark Bard Build
She is through with standing in line to clubs she’ll never get in.

Lost Ark Bard Identity Skills

The Lost Ark Bard Identity skills are the key to understanding the Bard’s supportive playstyle. The class is all about building up its identity gauge using a feature called ‘bubbles’. The bubbles are a builder spender. You can fill up to three bubbles, which empower two skills. The first skill is the damage buff, which increases your party’s damage output and crit chance by an amount based on the bubbles you spent. 

Meanwhile, the other song you can choose to spend your bubbles on is a healing song. The healing song summons an angel on the spot, which heals allies in that zone for as long as they are standing in its radius.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that this Lost Ark Bard guide does not mention a viable DPS build. The reason why is because the Bard’s DPS is miserable. Even with the buff mechanic of your parties damage, you’re better off keeping out damage buffs from your other skills than trying to do damage yourself. We figured it was worth mentioning, so you don’t get any false pretences at any point during this Lost Ark Bard guide.

Lost Ark Bard Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Bard Skills
Sing me a song, you’re a singer. Do me a wrong, you’re a bringer of evil.

Now that you have an idea of what the Lost Ark Bard build and playstyle is all about, we will give you a few core skills you will want to use. We have left room for experimentation in this class since you need six core skills for your support playstyle. The other two skills can be whatever you want, whether that is for extra damage, extra mobility, or other useful AOE or support antics.

Skill What it does Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Sound Shock Fire an orb of light at the target location, which deals AOE damage to nearby foes. Explosion Maintenance – repeats the detonation twice for several seconds after the initial cast. Sacred Shock – 10% damage buff to allies on targets hit with Sound Shock. Preference.
Wind of Music Calls forth a wind that inflicts damage and pushes foes away. It can then spread to other targets in a 1-meter radius. Quick Prep Melody Increase – gain more identity gauge resources from this skill. Wind of Protection – creates a 25% max HP shield on allied party members for four seconds.
Sound Holic Shoot a ray of light out for three seconds, attacks foes up to ten times. Sound Concentration – Deals more damage based on targets hit, max six targets hit. Sound Barrier- gain a shield while casting this skill Melody Increase – 200% resource generation.
Rhythem Buckshot Fires a shot from your harp that deals damage and knocks foes away. Melody Increase – more resource generation. Tenacity – push back immune super armor. Agile Cast – increases cast speed and crit rate of the skill.
Heavenly Tune Deal damage and grant allies within 24 meters increased attack speed and MP recovery. Quick Prep Courageous Tune- lowers targets hit attack power. Intense Tune – Increase allied party attack power
Prelude of Storm Calls forth a storm that stuns enemies  Quick Prep Melody Increase Preference 

The support life is not about dealing damage, but about making sure your allies can do a lot to justify bringing a support. You will find that supports offer more than enough damage for its allies if played well. Also, keep in mind that a lot of your tripods for your core skills are about support buff uptime and making sure you can cast these skills often.

If you find yourself taking part in single-player content, for example as a Chaos dungeon or in the open world. You’ll more than likely want skills like Note bundle as it is an AOE attack that slows enemy movement, along with Dissonance, which also slows enemies movement. Alternatively, you may want skills like Sonic Vibration, as that deals huge AOE damage (for a Bard) and slams enemies into the floor.

Lost Ark Bard Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Awakening Skills are considered ultimate skills,s and every class in the game has two. The Bard is no different with its support themed Awakening skills. The first Bard Awakening skill on this list is the Orator, which uses heavenly sounds to lower the crit resistance of enemies hit by 12%, essentially granting a 12% crit chance buff to allies in her party for six seconds. Combine this Bard awakening skill with the damage and crit buff from Bard’s identity skill, and you can give your party some insane crit numbers with this combo.

On the other hand, the second Bard awakening skill is the Symphony. This grants allies in her party a 100% of the Bard’s max Hp as a shield to her allies for ten seconds. During that time, the enemy show hit the shield get lowered attack power and speed and movements speed. As you can see, both are incredibly useful and depend on the player’s preference or the type of content they are doing.

Lost Ark Bard Engravings

Lost Ark Bard Engravings

Like every class in Lost Ark, the Bard has two Cless engravings, which are huge passive buffs that only that class can get. In this case, the Bard class engravings are Desperate Salvation and True Courage. Desperate Salvation is all about personal health recovery. Whenever a recovery effect ends, you get a new recovery, which heals for 24% max hp over a length of time. Meanwhile, True Courage grants eve more damage and crit chance bonus on your Serenade of Courage identity skill, the one that grants damage and crit.

The most popular of the two is by far the Desperate Salvation. The idea behind this is down to the Bard being extremely squishy. Not to mention you will be running around the place trying to buff your ales in your meter ranges, and have to help allies in need out. It means you’re probably going to take damage, a lot of it in fact. The Desperate Salvation makes sure you get to live while trying to save your silly allies. However, if you are in a comfortable group and you know how to minimize damage, then the True Courage class engraving works, as it makes it easier to kill things you already know how to avoid taking damage to.

As for the regular engravings, you want the typical support engravings. These include the Awakening engraving, which means you get to use your Awakening skills more. In addition, you want the Specialist engraving, as that increased the power of your heals and shields. Both of these go hand in hand, especially since you can give massive shields with some of your skills, and the first Bard awakening skill we mentioned above. These two are crucial aspects of the Lost Ark Bard Build.

The other Bard engravings you want are largely personal choices. You might want to take Heavy Armor, which increases your defensive stat considerably. It means you’ll take less damage, which helps keep that squishy Bard of yours alive. You may also want the engraving that increases your movement speed, as the Bard does not have lots of movement skills in its core kit, unlike most other DPS classes.

Lost Ark Bard Skill gems

If there is one thing for certain in this Lost Ark Bard guide, you want to use your skills as often as possible. You want to fill the gauge by using your skills, and you want to get your shields on your allies and keep up those DPS buffs. Therefore, you want to apply cooldown reduction on your core skills mentioned above. You also want gems that reduce your MP usage on those skills. 

Lastly, you want to apply identity gauge generation to your skills with tripods already on them. This is to ensure you can get hose three bubbles on that harp filled pronto. This is, of course, because spending three bubbles on either harp skill increases the effectiveness of the Bard’s identity skill of choice.

This concludes this basic beginner’s Lost Ark Bard guide. We hope you enjoyed learning about everything you need to know on the Lost Ark core build, and what you can expect from playing it. This is easily one of the best classes and one of the most sought out classes in the game. If you love this playstyle, then we think you may have found your main!

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