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Lost Ark Azure Wind Island: Hidden quests and island token guide

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Azure Wind Island is one of the largest islands Lost Ark has to offer (you can even ride your mount here unlike most other islands). Players can get five Mokoko Seeds, the Cloud Steed mount, the Wind Mane Mustang mount and the Azure Wind Island token here by completing the island’s quest chains. If you’re looking to take advantage of everything the Lost Ark Azure Island has to offer you have plenty of quests to complete. Although, you will need to complete a lot of hidden quests on this island, received from small wooden horses, to get the Island Token.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Guide

One thing you need to know about the mysteries on the Lost Ark Azure Wind island is its hidden quests and Island Token are connected. You need to take on thirty hidden quests on the island if you want to hit two birds with one stone.

How to get the Azure Wind Island Token

To obtain the Azure Wind Island Token, players will need to complete over thirty hidden quests on the island. Before that though, you will need to have completed the four pre-requisite quests. They are, in order:

  • Dying Horse
  • The Mane of the Azure Wind – A simple quest that rewards players with the Cloud Steed mount.
  • Once Filled With Flowers
  • The Meadow Fairy

Once you have completed these four quests, the real challenge begins. You will now need to find a lot of wooden horse statues hidden around the island. All of these statues give you a quest that needs to be completed. These quests can be broken down into four categories, we have colour-coded them for use with our map.

  • Sprints – Yellow
  • Riddles – Red
  • Puzzles – Blue
  • Emotes/Songs – Green
Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Hidden Quests
Here are the locations of the Azure Wind Island hidden quests.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Hidden Quests

Sprints – These are very simple time-trial challenges. You accept the quest and a marker appears for you to get to in a certain amount of time. However, some of these have more than one part. Don’t forget you can summon mounts on Azure Wind Island to help speed things up. Be ready to summon one from the mounts page (alt+v) as soon as you hit accept on the quest window or placing one on your hotkeys. For the final challenge, a Meadowkeeper will appear to give you the challenge. You can already be mounted when you accept this. The Cloud Steed has a skill called charge that is really useful for all of these, which you should already have from the Mane of Azure Wind quest.

Riddles – Really simple questions. If you get them wrong you can always try again anyway. For the final riddle, simply head to the location marked on the map to find a Meadowkeeper.

Puzzles – These are again pretty simple quests that involve moving objects to copy or contrast a pattern that is presented to you.

Emotes/Songs – Some horses require you to play certain songs. See the map for reference for which songs you need to play at which statues using the number list below.

  1. Greet Emote
  2. Serenade of Love
  3. Laugh and Giggle Emotes
  4. Song of Valor
  5. Sway Emote
  6. Heart’s Melody

The final one – Heavenly Harmony – is at the top of the tower. Remember to use our map above for reference.

After completing all of the hidden quests on the island, you will finally unlock… You guessed it, another quest, two actually. All you need to do for these quests is simply speak with Arone, the fairy, in the centre of the island and you will be the proud owner of the Wind Mane Mustang and the Azure Wind Island Token.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seeds locations

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seeds
See the bullet list to match with this Azure Wind Mokoko Seeds locations.

If all these collectables weren’t enough already, you better believe there are Mokoko Seeds on this island. Players can find five Mokoko Seeds hidden across Azure Island.

  1. Hidden in a small fern, by a boulder with two palm trees.
  2. Close to the Southern fence in a pen with horses.
  3. Inside an underground structure. Close to the Eastern wall, by a ladder.
  4. Head through a gap in the trees (marked on our map in red) and across a river. Here you will find the Meadowkeeper temple. Just outside, to the left of the stairs down, close to a tree.
  5. Cut through some trees to a stone path, keep following the path to an area with some ruins and trees. The Mokoko seed is hidden in a bush to the right of the ruins.

That concludes this guide for Lost Ark’s Azure Wind Island. We hope you found it helpful! Why not check out our Lost Ark Hub for more guides and content like this!

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