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LG C2 pre orders go live: John Lewis leak UK prices


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It’s safe to say that the LG C2 is arguably one of the most anticipated TVs of 2022. It will come to shelves boasting the company’s high-performance Evo OLED panel (originally reserved for the more premium options), alongside all the fan-favorite features and benefits of the C1 range.

Until recently, we didn’t know a great deal about the LG C2 release date or pricing – however, thanks to a John Lewis pre order page that went live recently, we now have a much clearer understanding of both.

John Lewis promise 5 week delivery time

While there is no official release date for the LG C2, John Lewis is suggesting a 5 week delivery time from when your pre order was made. That means you could potentially have the LG C2 in your living by the middle of March – much sooner than the speculated Q2/Q3 release date.

Obviously, we’ll be taking this with a large pinch of salt as the last 24 months have been nothing but a disappointment when it comes to new product releases. That said, this is definitely a promising sign for fans of LG’s new OLED series.


LG look like increasing C2 prices

Alongside a rough estimation of release dates, John Lewis has also published the LG C2’s UK pricing.

At the time of writing this, the pre order page suggests that the TV will retail for £1,399 – making it more expensive than the launch price of the LG C1. Considering the general price of OLED TVs going down, it’s a little disappointing to see the C2 increase in price. However, when you take market inflation and the improvements made to the internal hardware into consideration, the LG C2 still seems to offer fairly good value for money.

LG C2 pre order
(Image Source: John Lewis)

Furthermore, when compared against the G2 – LG’s high-end TV lineup that features the same Evo OLED panel going into the C2 series – the C2 is actually much cheaper.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t look great for the price of the brand’s new 42 inch OLED TV. With the price of the popular 48 inch being quite expensive, we can only expect similar margins for the 42 inch alternative.

All being said, we still think the 48 inch LG C2 offers good value for money – if the price is to remain at £1,399. US pricing is still yet to be confirmed, but based on the UK price, you can probably expect a US launch price of $1,499-$1,599.


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