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LG C1 OLED TV Review (2022)

With color accuracy out of the way, it’s time to put the LG C1 OLED TV through a number of different gaming scenarios to see how it stacks up in pixel response, input lag, and overall responsiveness. 

It’s worth mentioning that, while this panel isn’t tailored specifically for gaming, its fast 120Hz refresh rate should help to deliver a good overall experience. Better still, with a lightning-quick response time, we should see very limited ghosting, smearing, or overshoot while gaming.

Competitive gaming

I know, this monitor isn’t exactly tailored towards competitive games. However, by testing games like CS:GO, COD, PUBG, we automatically get a better understanding of how the TV handles fast-moving images and perceived blur.

LG C1 44

I loaded CS:GO and my first impressions were very positive. Perceived blur was very low and general gameplay felt incredibly sharp, even when in the heat of battle. General picture quality was absolutely superb and I saw absolutely no signs of overshoot, ghosting, or smearing.

I quickly loaded COD and the visual performance was very similar. COD is arguably a faster title than CS:GO, so there was a chance that some blur would creep into the performance. However, that wasn’t the case. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the performance of the LG C1 when perceived blur is often an issue.

General gaming

I wasted no time and loaded up a few less-competitive titles to get a feel for the panel’s immersive qualities and general color performance. Shadow of The Tomb Raider was the first game we loaded and it’s safe to say I was again, extremely impressed. Visually, the game looked absolutely stunning. Of course, we enabled G-Sync and HDR for SOTTR and the results were superb.

Image quality was sensational in single-player titles with no smearing, ghosting, or screen-tear to be found. Colors popped thanks to the wide color gamut and HDR utilization. I compared the visual performance of the panel with and without HDR, and HDR-enabled was the clear winner. The OLED panel offered up incredibly deep blacks that gave the image a depth of realism that non-OLED displays simply can’t replicate. HDR did offer additional detail in extremely bright regions as well (like looking at the sun on SOTTR) but a lack of peak brightness did limit the detail that could be shown.

LG C1 52

While this all sounds great, the elephant in the room is the demand that 4K screen resolution puts on your hardware. I’m running an RTX 3070 with a Ryzen 5600X and it often struggled to produce 100 FPS in many titles. Despite this being the case, G-Sync still helped to produce a tear-free experience, even when down at 30 FPS or so. Ultimately, if you want to get the absolute best out of this TV, you’ll need a decent PC setup to play the latest AAA titles.

Content consumption

Obviously, with this being a TV we didn’t overlook the general image performance when watching movies and TV shows. For me, this is where the TV was most impressive, offering stunning image quality and immersion. Like I’ve just mentioned, the inky blacks and infinite contrast ratio made watching certain content a real joy, with films depicting space or wildlife looking especially sharp.

I’ve been using this TV now for about 10 days and I haven’t had any issues using it as my primary monitor. Granted, there is a period where you need to get used to using a panel of this size, but that doesn’t take too long – especially when sat at the correct distance. It’s worth mentioning that if you do plan on using this for a compute monitor, you’ll likely need a very large desk or strong VESA mount to accomplish the recommended sitting distance. For this TV, the recommended sitting distance is 1.5 – 2 times the screen size – so roughly 6 feet. That said, I was sitting around 4 feet away from this panel and didn’t experience any neck or eye discomfort while doing so.

LG C1 35

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