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Kodak is reviving Kodak Gold 200 for medium format cameras: Digital Photography Review

Get your wallets ready, film shooters! Kodak Moments, a division of Kodak Alaris, has announced it’s bringing its popular Gold 200 color negative film stock back to 120 format.

While Kodak Gold 200 has been available in 120 rolls in the past, it hasn’t been available in rolls of 120 since 1997 when it was called Kodacolor Gold 200. Based on the tech sheet and information provided in the FAQ accompanying the film stock’s release, it appears as though this ‘new’ film stock is indeed a new formula compared to the 120 format Kodak Gold 200 seen in the past.

Kodak says Kodak Gold 200 for 120 ‘is an affordable, entry-level color film that results in an ideal combination of warm saturated color, fine grain and high sharpness’ and ‘is coated on 3.94 mil Kodak ESTAR film base which provides enhanced quality, transparency and dimensional stability.’ The paper backing used for 120 format is also reformulated to provide ‘significantly more protection for any film rolls that are subjected to less- than-ideal storage, handling and environmental conditions.’ It’s likely this detail that is leading Kodak to calling this a ‘Professional’ film, despite Kodak Gold 200 typically being a more consumer-grade offering in Kodak’s lineup.

We’re working to get our hands on a few rolls of this to test it out, but for now we’re going to share the thoughts of photographer Wesley Verhoeve, who managed to get his hands on a few rolls ahead of launch and has shared the following video, as well as a lengthy post on his Substack regarding his experience with shooting the ‘new old’ film:

In his conclusion, titled ‘Takeaways,’ Verhoeve had the following to say:

‘After shooting five rolls of this film, including one outdoors (see below) I can confidently say I love this film stock. The colors render beautifully, the grain is smooth and organic, the latitude is gentle and forgiving, and I just love how it feels. At the risk of blasphemy, I may even prefer it to the classic Kodak Portra for some shoots especially when there is lots of light.’

Kodak Gold 200 in 120 format is available to purchase at film retailers around the globe in 5-roll ‘Pro Packs.’ Pricing is expected to be about 25% cheaper than Kodak’s Portra 160 film, which is a welcomed bit of information in a day and age of ever-increasing film prices.

Press release:

Kodak Moments Announces New 120 Format Gold 200 Film

ROCHESTER, N.Y. March 16, 2022 – Kodak Moments, a division of Kodak Alaris, continues the expansion of its color film portfolio with the launch of Kodak Professional Gold 200 film in a new 120 format 5-roll pro-pack for medium format cameras to satisfy consumer demand.

“The 120 film format was introduced back in 1901 for the Brownie No. 2 camera” said Thomas Mooney, Manager Film Capture Products, Kodak Moments Division. “Although it’s been around for 120 years, it’s still one of the most popular film formats in use today. One main reason for its popularity is that the larger film negative can be enlarged significantly without losing image quality. This is a great opportunity for aspiring photographers looking to make the jump from 35mm to medium format photography ”.

The new 120 format Kodak Professional Gold 200 is an affordable, entry-level color film featuring an ideal combination of warm saturated color, fine grain, and high sharpness. It is designed for photographers shooting at any level for daylight and flash capture.

Starting today, the 120 format Gold 200 Film is available for dealers, retailers, and distributors around the world and is intended to be priced 25 percent lower than the comparable PORTRA and EKTAR offerings. To learn more, please visit
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