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Is PS5 online down? Firmware update seems to have borked online play on Sony consoles

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Pesky updates. They promise so much and then they taketh away with the other hand. that certainly seems to be the case with reports flooding in that since Sony patched its PS5 and PS4 consoles earlier today, well, things have been less than smooth let’s put it that way.

Playhers have reported being unable to access their online games such as FIFA and Gran Turismo 7.

Issues being reported range from being unable to actually get into games down to PlayStation Plus subscriptions being marked as inactive.

Is PS5 online down?

Problem tracking website Down Detector is highlighting the scale of the issue as reports of issues flood in.

At this time there has been no communication from the guys at PlayStation confirming the issue, but we are sure they will be aware of it and working on a fix already.

We will update this page as and when we get more information.

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