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Is Back To The Future the next Fortnite collaboration?


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Fortnite isn’t new to collaborations. The popular Battle Royale is possibly one of the most collaborative games around, in fact, with official pairings with the likes of Marvel, League of Legends, DC, Naruto, and tons more already under their belt. And, with classic film and game franchises like Tomb Raider, Ghostbusters, and Resident Evil also on the roster already, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Marty McFly and Doc Brown skins in a Fortnite x Back to the Future crossover.

Well, that’s what the Twittersphere thinks may be coming after Fortnite Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard posted a series of perplexing tweets between January 23rd and January 25th, 2022. And we’re still waiting to see where he goes with it next.

Donald Mustard Tweet hints at BTTF Fortnite crossover


The enigmatic tweets started on January 23rd, when Mustard tweeted “Seeing a very good and mysterious thing,” followed simply by “Whaaaaaaat?!”. Many commenters initially thought this could be linked to Mysterio, the Spider-Man villain portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in Far From Home. Now, this wouldn’t be a stretch, given that Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is currently heavily themed around Spider-Man and the movie adaptations, with Spider-Man’s Web Shooters currently a mythical item, and Spidey, MJ, and Green Goblin skins in the game already (or coming soon).

While it’s still a very strong possibility that a hint at Mysterio was the intention behind Mustard’s initial tweet, a follow up posted later that date sent his followers on a completely different thread…

If you’re too young to know, the GIF shown in Donald Mustard’s tweet is from the film Back to the Future – an ‘80s classic. The film follows a young man named Marty McFly as he meets crazy scientist/inventor Doc Brown, and they travel back in time (and then back to the future) in a DMC DeLorean. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s well worth a watch. Seriously. Despite the fact that Marty meets his mom in the past and she falls for him…

Anyway, whether you’ve seen BTTF or not, there’s no denying it is a classic, and fans of the three-parter are now desperate to see Marty and Doc skins come to Fortnite. And they’d be a perfect fit, as well. Again, for those who might not have seen it, the hoverboard has been invented in 2015 when Marty and Doc travel to the future in BTTF II. The colorful and iconic board would make the perfect Glider for a Marty skin, while the DeLorean itself could be a Glider addition for Doc’s skin. The two are both incredibly recognisable, as well, which is essential for any Fortnite collaboration skin.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown skin Fortnite
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Whether or not this great idea will come to fruition or not remains to be seen, though, as there’s still no confirmation about what Mustard is talking about – or whether he’s just lost his mind. The latest update in his thread of nonsensical tweets was simply a combination of the three before it… “Seeing a very good and mysterious thing Whaaaaaaat!? hopes to be continued as”. Yep, there’s a lot there to suggest he could just be losing his mind. Either way, we’ll be keeping a firm eye on Mustard’s twitter feed to see what might come of it.

What do you think of Donald Mustard’s tweets? And which collab would you want to see in Fortnite next? As ever, let us know in the comments below!


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