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Insta360 ONE RS Modular Action Camera Released – 48MP Sensor, 4K60 with FlowState, Bigger Battery

The new Insta360 ONE RS offers a new 4K Boost Lens module with a 48MP 1/2″-type sensor, a new core module with a faster processor, a larger battery module, and redesigned mounting bracket. The camera can now apply FlowState stabilization directly to 4K60 footage as well and it features a new 6K 2.35:1 mode as well as Active HDR video mode up to 4K30. The camera is now available, starting at $300.

Chinese camera manufacturer Insta360 has just released a new modular action camera – Insta360 ONE RS – which builds upon the concept of the modular ONE R action camera from 2020. I had a chance to play with the new ONE RS for a few days, so make sure to check my first look review as well. Now, let’s take a look at the features and specs of the new modular action camera.

Insta360 ONE RS – evolution, not revolution

The new Insta360 ONE RS is not a revolutionary new action camera. It is rather a refined and enhanced version of the original ONE R that was released already two years ago. You can check out our Insta360 ONE R review and comparison with the GoPro HERO8 to get a clear picture of its capabilities.

The new ONE RS action camera twin edition. Source: Insta360

Many aspects of the ONE RS remained the same as with the ONE R – the 360 camera module, as well as the 1-inch module, are the same. Insta360 did not upgrade these. The 360 module can shoot at up to 5.7K 30fps.

ONE RS with the 360 module. Source: Insta360

More megapixels, new widescreen and HDR modes

The new 4K Boost Lens module, however, now has a larger 1/2″-type sensor with 48MP of resolution. Thanks to more megapixels, this module now supports 6K 2.35:1 (6016 x 2560) widescreen video mode in 25 or 24fps. The other new video mode that offers enhanced dynamic range is called “Active HDR” and Insta360 says it should minimize ghosting which is often an issue with HDR modes in other cation cameras. Other than that, the camera did not get any new framerates and resolution options. It still maxes out at 4K 60fps, 2.7K 100fps, or 1080p 200fps.

ONE RS with the 4K Boost module. Source: Insta360

New in-body stabilization and more

The display/core module is also new. Thanks to a faster image processor, the Insta360 ONE RS can now apply FlowState stabilization in-camera up to 4K 60fps and save the video files as mp4 for direct sharing. The ONE R could only apply FlowState in post-production in 4K 60fps.

The new ONE RS action camera twin edition. Source: Insta360

Further improvements to the core module include:

  • An additional mic for better audio
  • 50% faster WiFi for mobile file transfers
  • An Instant Zoom function for digitally zooming in up to 2.7x while recording videos
  • A Quick menu for easy access to preset shooting modes

The battery module is also new and it now offers a higher capacity of 1445mAh which is roughly 250mAh more than what the Insta360 ONE R offered. The battery module is now also thicker, so it does not fit in the old mounting bracket.

ONE RS new mounting bracket and quick reader. Source: Insta360

Surprisingly, the camera is also waterproof to 16 feet (IPX8 rated), but it has to be assembled and inside the new mounting bracket. Insta360 redesigned the bracket to make it easier and faster to switch the camera modules. The bracket also provides a windproof microphone cover as well as thermal pads to help the camera with heat dissipating.

ONE RS accessories. Source: Insta360

Last but not least, Insta360 also claims the camera can act as a webcam and there are new ways how to find the best angles from the 360 footage in the Insta360 app. Snap Wizard, for instance, will export the angle based on how you move or tilt your phone.

Price and availability

The Insta360 ONE RS is available now and there will be three different sets:

  • ONE RS Twin Edition (4K + 360 camera modules) will cost $550
  • ONE RS 1-inch Edition will be sold for $550 as well
  • ONE RS 4K Edition will sell for $300

The new modules and accessories will also be available separately.

Did you use the original Insta360 ONE R for your action clips? Do you think Insta360 upgraded enough with the ONE RS? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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