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Infinite Tools launches new Guide Plugin to help you learn retouching

It seems like there is no end to the creation of useful post-production panels being invented by Pratik Naik and his Infinite Tools team. It could be called Infinite Ideas no less!

The latest addition to the suite of tools available for photographers and retouchers is their Infinite Guide Plugin, which is aimed towards people relatively new to retouching.

Pratik says that the idea came about from teaching retouching workshops, and a large portion of the workshop was spent teaching settings in order to learn how to retouch. “For those who are learning, we decided to make a panel that somewhat goes through the process and automatically sets up the layers, tools, and settings for you for each step so you can dive into retouching,” he explains, “think of it like having training wheels for the retouching process!”

The panel takes care of all the little settings, and holds your hand through every step of the retouching process, offering you tips and education along the way to help you improve. It’s a completely non-destructive process so if you change your mind about any part of the retouch, you can go back and change it.

The panel also organizes and renames your layers for you in a logical order, which is great for people like myself who forget to name the layers and then have to waste time clicking through each layer later when I want to go back and change something!

The panel uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect what settings are needed. It all sounds very clever, and according to the website will help take the guesswork out of retouching based on facial recognition technology.

Even if you’re not a beginner at retouching this tool could be of interest. The fact that it automatically suggests settings selects tolls and puts the layers in the correct order could be a huge bonus for anyone wanting to streamline their workflow and simply make things more efficient.

You can purchase the Infinite Guide panel from the website for $49.

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