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Ignite Digi EXO Plate for RED V-RAPTOR Launched

The new Ignite Digi EXO Plate is the company’s latest addition to their RED V-RAPTOR rigging accessories ecosystem. Available in two versions, RMI and Mini, these aluminum top plates offer extra mounting points for monitors, EVFs, and accessories. They come in four different finishes. Pricing starts at around $120.

After the release of the RED V-RAPTOR last year, the market was populated by a number of different rigging solutions for the camera. 8Sinn, Tilta, GDU and Kondor Blue are only a few of the numerous brands that developed accessories for RED’s flagship camera.

The Australian company Ignite Digi also offers a set of V-RAPTOR accessories, including their RED-approved KEYSTONE and KEYSTONE Chopped cages. The new Ignite Digi EXO RMI and Mini Plates are now joining this family. Let’s take a closer look.

Ignite Digi EXO Plate RMI. Source: Ignite Digi

Ignite Digi EXO Plate: Sitting on top of RED’s V-RAPTOR

The Ignite Digi EXO Plate for the V-RAPTOR comes in two versions: RMI and Mini. Both plates are entirely built of high-grade aluminum and mount on the top surface of the camera body.

While the RMI model completely wraps around the heat dissipation vent, the Mini only occupies the rear top part of the body. Nevertheless, both variants provide a series of additional 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points for monitors, EVFs, and other accessories.

Ignite Digi EXO Plate Mini. Source: Ingite Digi

Ignite Digi EXO Plate RMI

If you usually use the RED DSMC3 Touch 7.0” Monitor, then the RMI model is the best choice. Indeed, it interferes neither with the mounting system of the SmallHD rebranded screen nor the ventilation air flow. The naked plate measures 94x90x15mm/3.7×3.5×0.6” in size and weighs 66g/2.32oz.

The Ignite Digi EXO Plate RMI features two 3/8”-16 mounting points with pin locators and nine 1/4”-20 threaded holes. Moreover, the plate can be connected to Ignite Digi’s Quick Release Top Handle and Mōvi-Pro/Ronin-2-compatible Camera Top Plate via four M4 screws.

Ignite Digi EXO Plate RMI with Camera Top Plate. Source: Ignite Digi

The “Mini” version

The Ignite Digi EXO Plate Mini for the RED V-RAPTOR is a lighter, more compact version of its RMI brother. This top plate mounts to the rear part of the camera body and offers fewer mounting points – two 3/8″-16 and five 1/4”-20. This halved design benefits of a lighter weight: 34g/1.19oz.

Ignite Digi EXO Plate Mini. Source: Ignite Digi

Price and availability

These new Ignite Digi EXO Plates for RED’s V-RAPTOR are now available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. The official retail price of the RMI version is $240 AUD (about  $177 USD), while the Mini variant is a little cheaper at $160 AUD (approximately $118 USD).

Both plates should come in four different finishes, including Ignite Orange, Black, Blue and Emerald. However, the Mini blue and green options currently seem to be sold out.  

Are you a RED V-RAPTOR owner? What is your favourite accessory system for the camera? Share your thoughts on this new Ignite Digi product in the comment section down below!

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