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Ideas to DIY Revamp Your Dining Table Placemats


You can brighten up almost any old accessory instead of replacing
it with a new one.

Many of us find ourselves throwing away Dining Table placemats just because they
are not in style anymore or they might not be as bright and lively as they once
were before. They might not be much expensive but the constant change and
upgrade eventually add up to a hefty total.

You can not only save money with DIYs but they are also a fun
activity that provides you with a break from the usual hectic routine, while it
is also something you can plan with the kids.
Read below for some fun DIY ideas for your placemats:

Make new
placemats for your table

If the old ones are damaged beyond repair then the only option
would be to replace them. No need to fret over looking for new ones to replace
them, you can make new ones at home by yourself.

You just require a choice of fabric or material along with the
right measurement to cut them in equal sizes.

Once they are cut you can either go for one layer or make the
placemats with more layers to make them more stable and durable. Afterward,
just hem the seams at the sides so that no thread gets loose.

Turning old to
new by painting the dining table placemats

If the problem is only of them getting out of style or the color
fading then it can be easily resolved by repainting the table mats.

The right color to choose depends on the type of bar you have, if
you have a wooden dining table then you be a little daring and choose to paint different patterns
on the mat.

A pattern you can try for your placemats are painting leaves and
applying them on the fabric to leave their imprint behind. Create patterns by
using different bits and pieces.

With a bar that is of marble material then you can instead go for
minimal details and use neutral colors instead.

Marble Dining Table are unique and look sophisticated on their own; no need to add
anything to them or they will lose their character.

geometrical shapes on the table mats using tape technique

Straight lines are difficult to paint and here is where a tape
comes in for help. You can apply tape in a criss-cross or straight lines and
once they are placed you can paint the gaps in between.

The tape technique also helps in making geometrical shapes, which
look great over a glass dining table.

painting the placemats

Art is not restrained nor is it limited. For artists, anything can
become a canvas.

You can use different tools like bubble wrap to create a bubble
pattern on the mats; a sponge can be used to create a smudged look on the mats.
From the strokes of brushes to the paint dust by a toothbrush, you can create
any abstract art your mind can think of.

While choosing to make abstract art, remember to use them for Wooden Dining Tables as
they will allow the plain table to brighten up.

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The choice of colors and patterns depend on not just the table
itself but also the surrounding furniture as well.


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