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How to request a Nintendo Switch or accessory repair


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Problems with electronic products are commonplace due to the intricate nature of the items. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating when it happens, though, and when you get issues with your favorite console, you naturally want it fixed ASAP. Thankfully, especially having been plagued by infamous problems like Joy Con drift, Nintendo has a great system in place for requesting console repairs. Here’s how to set up a Nintendo Switch repair.

Nintendo Switch repairs in United States

For repairs in the United States, head to the American Nintendo Support site, where you’ll need to log in and enter your device’s serial number to find out your warranty information. From there, the site will instruct you how to proceed with your repair order.

Nintendo Switch repairs in the UK and Europe

Nintendo Switch repairs how to

The UK and European site is actually far more user friendly than the American one, and allows you to simply click buttons relating to your issue until you have selected the console, the part, and the issue. There are even options for the likes of water damage and screen defects, and the site instructs you about your rights with these sorts of issues before you even start your order.

You will be provided with detailed troubleshooting in the first instance, but if you wish to go ahead with your repair order, you will need to provide proof of purchase, and follow simple instructions on how to package your console or peripherals. You do not need to send the items in its original packaging – handy if, for example, you are simply sending off a Joy Con.

Nintendo Switch repairs in other regions

If you are not in Europe or the US, simply select your region on the Nintendo Support website where there should be clear instructions on how to request a repair on your Nintendo Switch console or accessories.

Will you be charged for Nintendo Switch repairs?

Once you have gone through the repair order process for your region and sent your device off, you may be worried that you will receive unexpected charges for repairs. However, Nintendo will look at the device and the issue before making contact with you to discuss the problem. If the issue cannot be covered by your warranty and there will be charges, they will inform you of this and give you the option to simply have your item returned.


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