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How to get The Rock skin in Fortnite


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It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since that phenomenal reveal in the Chapter 2 The End event, we can now gear up as The Foundation – and even Dwayne The Rock Johnson – in Fortnite. The Foundation has been a familiar character in the Fortnite backstory for some time, but hasn’t actually been released as a wearable skin until now. But what makes it even better is that ability to toggle the visor off, revealing the handsome face of his voice actor – The Rock himself.

The Foundation skin variations and customization items

How to get The Rock skin Fortnite Foundation challenges

The main item in the collection is the straightforward The Foundation skin. However, there are three additional variants for the Fortnite Outfit – Combat Elite, Combat, and Tactical. All four can be worn as either The Foundation or The Rock (i.e. visor-less The Foundation). As well as the skins, by completing the new challenges you can also earn the Rocket Wing Glider, Foundation’s Plasma Spike Harvesting Tool, Foundation’s Mantle Back Bling, the Foundational Weapon Wrap, as well as a Foundation-themed Spray and Emoticon.

How to get The Rock skin in Fortnite Foundation Challenges

Take a look at the table below to find out exactly what requirements you need to fill to earn each individual item in the The Foundation set.

The Foundation skin Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost and Sanctuary
Foundation’s Fortune Emoticon Search Chests or ammo boxes at Covert Canyon
Foundation’s Plasma Spike Deal 100 melee damage to opponents
True Foundation Spray Use 4 Shield Potions in a single match
Foundation’s Mantle Back Bling Snipe an opponent with a Sniper Rifle while crouching
Foundational Weapon Wrap Hire a Character and travel 100 meters with them
Tactical Visor Toggle Emote Assist in eliminating Gunnar
The Foundation Outfit – Tactical variation Deal 1,000 damage to opponents from above with Shotguns or SMGs
The Foundation Outfit – Combat Elite Deal 500 headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons
The Foundation Outfit – Combat Compete all Foundation challenges
The Rocket Wing Glider Land at a Seven Outpost and finish Top 10

How to equip The Rock Fortnite skin

How to get The Rock skin Fortnite Foundation challenges

In order to show off your new look as The Rock, you’ll need to equip any of the Foundation Fortnite skin options, but you’ll also need to have unlocked the Tactical Visor Toggle Emote. By using the Emote either in the lobby or during the match, you’ll remove The Foundation’s helmet, thus revealing The Rock’s face underneath it. You can always re-toggle the visor back on by activating the Emote again, but why you’d want to I don’t know.

When does The Rock come to Fortnite?

The Foundation Challenges will be unlocked on February 3rd, 2022, at 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT.

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