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How to get Jewel Coral – Lost Ark

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Taking the MMORPG world by storm, Lost Ark has been released to worldwide audiences. As such, comes the arduous tasks in these huge MMORPGs. Whether you need help with a Dungeon, a reminder of what Emotes are available or Boss guides. We’ve got you covered.

The world of Lost Ark, Arkesia, is enormous. As such it’s filled with all kinds of events, dungeons and areas for players to explore. Facing bosses, looting or just general exploring, there’s something for every kind of player. Though one of the most tedious parts of any MMORPG with a huge world is the traveling. Most players want to get from point A to B as quickly as possible, and that’s where Mounts come in. A particularly lovely Mount are the Turtle Mounts, which can be traded for Jewel Coral.

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How to get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark

First thing’s first, you’ll need to be level 50. You’ll also need to own a ship and be ready for combat before you set sail to Turtle Island. You’ll find Jewel Coral on Turtle Island, and thus the sooner you get the Coral, the sooner you can get yourself a turtle mount (although they’re actually tortoises).

How to get a turtle mountain in the lost ark - media today

Whilst on Turtle Island, you can take part in a series of quests which will reward you with Jewel Coral. Straight away, you can complete the quest ‘To The Sea’ and gain one Jewel Coral straight away.

Luxury Goods Merchant

Once you’ve gotten some Jewel Coral, you’ll want to make your way to a Luxury Goods Merchant which you’ll find within any of the major cities. There you’ll be able to trade your Jewel Coral for either an Azure Moss Turtle or a Yellow Moss Turtle.

Once you’ve got your new pal, you can use it as both a mount and a companion, so you can still show it off to your fellow players and take it for a nice walk beside you as you continue adventuring!

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