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How to get Iconic Fortnite skin in Chloe Kim Cup

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Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim follows Naomi Osaka as the latest sports star to get their own Fortnite Icon Series skin.

The snowboarding superstar has twice won gold, first at the 2018 Winter Olympics where she became the youngest woman to win snowboarding gold at just 17. Following this up with a win at the 2022 Winter Olympics, Chloe Kim is now a household name, and follows that success with her own Icon skin in Fortnite. Not that we’re saying that’s comparable to a gold medal, but it’s still got to feel good.

Celebrate Chloe Kim’s snowboarding skill and Korean heritage with her Fortnite skins

Of course we know Kim as a phenomenal snowboarder, and her Outfit celebrates that as she dons a stylish snowsuit in five different looks. On top of the Outfit and alt styles, the Chloe Kim bundle comes with a Back Bling, Glider, Harvesting Tool and Emote.

In the original Chloe Kim Outfit, the Olympian looks super cool in a grey and pink snowsuit adorned with a Dragon curling down the leg. But if you don’t wear anything but black, then fear not as the original outfit gets a black and – of course – gold makeover in homage to her back-to-back gold medals.

Chloe Kim Fortnite skin Back to Back alt Style Bundle

The Outfit then gets a complete overhaul for the remaining three styles, as the Pink Poppies gives Kim a pastel hairdo to match her pink and blue snowsuit. If you choose to wear Icy Infusion, you’ll start out in the Pink Poppies look, before the reactive Outfit slowly changes with each elimination, turning into the ice cold final look – Deep Freeze.

Chloe Kim Fortnite skin Deep Freeze alt Style Bundle

As mentioned above, the bundle will then also include a bunch of cosmetics fit for a medal winner. Look stylish as you rack up that air time with the Sub-Zero Flight Back Bling, which gives your look a pair of icy wings, while the Frozen Flourish Pickaxe sparkles with snowflakes. The real star of the set, though – after Chloe, of course – is the Nunbola Glider, a spectacular nod to Kim’s Korean heritage. The Nunbola – or snowstorm – Glider is a magnificent dragon made of ice, on the back of which you can glide menacingly into battle (as seen in the header image).

Finally, you can show off Chloe Kim’s personality with the Board Flair Emote, seen in the clip below. All of the above items, and the bonus Nunbola’s Flight Loading Screen, are available as part of the Chloe Kim bundle, while some of the items will be able to be purchased separately.

How to get the skin in the Chloe Kim Cup on March 24

To celebrate the release of the Chloe Kim Fortnite skin, you can join in the Chloe Kim Cup for your chance to win the Outfit before it is made available to everyone else. The Chloe Kim Cup is played in the current no-build mode, and is a Duos tournament, so you’ll need to find a suitable friend to help win you the gold. Top players will be in with a chance of winning the Chloe Kim Outfit and Sub-Zero Flight Back-Bling, while every participant who earns at least eight points will earn the Nunbola’s Flight Loading Screen.

For more details on the Chloe Kim Cup, how to earn points and all terms and conditions then head over to the original article on

When will the Chloe Kim skin bundle be in the Fortnite Item Shop?

If you don’t quite make the cut in the cup, the Chloe Kim skin, her alt styles and all cosmetic items will be available in the Item Shop from March 26, 2022, at the local shop refresh time for your region. To give you an idea of when this might be, the shop refresh takes place at 5pm PST and 8pm EST. This will then be 12 am on March 27, 2022, in the United Kingdom, and 1 am in Central Europe.

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