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How to game share on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, & Series S


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Sharing games on Xbox has been around for a while now and while it isn’t a closely guarded secret, there are still many wondering how to game share on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S consoles.

The ability to share games is really beneficial for friends and families with multiple Xbox consoles, saving money and also allowing you to try a game before you buy.

What is Xbox Game sharing?

Xbox game sharing is when you log yourself into another’s console, allowing them access to your library of games. You need to change a few internal settings, making one console the primary account and the other the secondary.

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Things to consider before sharing your Xbox games

Sharing anything digital with strangers can be very risky, always be sure you trust the person you wish to share Xbox games with. Let’s look at some of the other potential risks.

  • Don’t just hand out your account and password to anyone, you could lose it
  • If you plan to split games with someone financially, try and do so evenly just in case Microsoft cancels this feature down the line
  • This only works with digital copies of games, not physical ones
  • Up to two people can game share on Xbox, no more. 
  • Your accounts home Xbox can only be changed five times a year also, so chose wisely

How to game share on Xbox

Sharing your games library with a friend is relatively simple to do. You need to ensure you trust this friend or family member with your details if you aren’t logging in yourself. There is no better way to expand your games library for less money and this process works on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

  1. Firstly, sign in as a new user to the Xbox. to do this, hit the Xbox button, go to ‘Sign In’ and then select ‘Add new’ 
  2. Enter your friend’s details, review the privacy statement, and then select ‘Next’ 
  3. Now set your preferences, then hit the Xbox button to open the guide, then choose ‘Home’. At the home screen, scroll left and find your friends Gamertag, now sign in
  4. Now signed into your friend’s account, go to System > Settings > Personalization > My home Xbox and select ‘Make this my home Xbox

Once complete, the other friend in this shared agreement should do the same on theirs.

Can you also share Xbox Live Gold?

Yes, you can share Xbox Live Gold membership on Xbox One, Series X, and Series S consoles. The steps above to share games are all you need to follow but if the account you are sharing with has Gold, you can too. The same rules apply as above where it can only be shared with one other person and any games you buy that are ‘Games with Gold’ will stop being playable if the shared account is removed.

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