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How to Find The Siofra River Merchant in Elden Ring

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Normally, the nomad merchants in Elden Ring aren’t too much of a pain to find. However, in this specific instance, you’re almost certainly going to struggle, and for good reason. Not only is the Siofra River merchant in Elden Ring incredibly well-hidden, but he has an absolute wealth of different powerful items that you can use to enhance your experience in the game. If you’re struggling to figure out where this guy is hiding, we’ve got the info that’ll help you see things much more clearly.

How to Get to Siofra River

The first step in this puzzle is actually getting to the river. Luckily, FromSoftware hasn’t made it too hard for you. Head to the misty forest on the eastern side of Limgrave and make your way to the Minor Erdtree that dominates the landscape. Once you’ve found it, look for a small building just to the northeast of it. Open the door to find yourself taking a long lift down. At the bottom, you’ll see a point of grace that you can use to rest and respawn if things go wrong (they will.)

Next, we need to get to the actual Siofra River itself, rather than the depths where we currently are. Take the path to the left and just run past all the enemies. They’re incredibly slow, and these ones don’t even have magic on their side to trap you with. Once you’ve got past them, follow the building around to the right and head straight for the stairs. At the top of the stairs, there will be another elevator. Get inside and head up. From here, jump on your horse and canter forward, ignoring the giant grab demon, until you hit an open area.

Siofra River Merchant Early Path

Here, if you hug the wall to your left, you should be able to spot another point of grace for you to rest. This is the easiest place to make the journey towards the merchant from.

How to get to the Abandoned Merchant

Here comes the actually tricky part, reaching the Siofra River Merchant in Elden Ring. From the resting stop, check out the area ahead of you. You’ll need to get from where you are, to the other side of the giant bridge you should be able to see. Jump on your horse and hug the right side of the map a bit, but make sure you’re still following the route northeast so you go under the big bridge into another open area (if you enter a closed-off bit filled with glowing enemies, you’ve gone the wrong way).

Siofra River Merchant - Scaffolding in Distance

Once you’re through the first big bridge, you should see another one, this time wrapped in scaffolding. That scaffolding is our target. Keep hugging the wall to your left, and ride past a bunch of those giant tentacle monsters until you come to a house next to a waterfall. The big thing to watch for here are those little balls of lightning. They attack fast and do tons of damage, so they’re probably gonna kill you if they catch you.

Either way, make your way up the ladder and take out the glowing guy, then wait for a few seconds for the guy on the next level to either climb down the ladder or jump down to your level. Take him out too and now you’re home free. Climb up to the next level and head to the back left corner and drop down onto the scaffolding below. Follow it around and drop down into the big chamber to find your merchant friend.

Siofra River Merchant - hidden path from scaffolding

What does the Sofria River merchant in Elden Ring sell?

This merchant sells some pretty high-end items, including a Warrior’s Cookbook that costs 6000 souls. Those must be some next-level recipes in there. Obviously, the expensive cookbooks are a must-have, but there are also some keystones and even more importantly the Larval Tear, which you can use to respec your character once you’ve reached the right moment in the game.

Item Name Amount Cost
Soap 3 400
Nascent Butterfly 5 1500
Stonesword Key 3 2000
Larval Tear 1 3000
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] 1 1000
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [18] 1 6000
Shotel 1 2500
Arrow Infinite 20
Dwelling Arrow 30 160
Bolt Infinite 40

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