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How to DIY a Table Runner at Home


 Tables are the centerpiece of your dining space. Be it a  sophisticated glass dining table or a traditional and simple wooden table it demands attention from
its viewers.

Adding runners to your Dining Table adds character and color to the simple tables. They
not just lift the interior of the space but also lift the mood of the people
present in the space.

With the recent fashion of tassels trending, it seems just right to
add them to your table runners. With the summer heat, it’s a challenge to leave
your air-conditioned home. well, not to fret you can even turn it into a family

Below are steps to making your very own table runners at home:

Start by measuring the table you
want to place the runner on top, after measuring cut a white fabric of choice
according to the measurements, and leave an inch on the sides for hemming at a
later time.

 The next step is mixing dyes with warm water
and salt or follows the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the powder
dye. Mix 500ml of water for each dye, and pour the mixtures into separate
plastic bottles. Create a hole on it’s nuzzle tip for the dye to pour out of.

Make sure the runner fabric is well
washed and is not completely dry. The fabric needs to be damp still for it to
absorb the color from the dye.

If you want to dye a spiral design
on the table runner then after placing it on a flat surface, pinch the center
of the runner and start turning it around. Keep turning and gathering the
fabric around until it forms a tight round ball. Lastly, tie the gathered
fabric with a thread.

You can now place the fabric in a
large bowl so the color doesn’t create a mess or splash anywhere else. Better
yet take the items outside. Now start spraying the different colors of your
choice on different areas of the gathered fabric. Make sure to keep the colors
dark so the final look turns out bright and lively.

After you splash dye on the fabric, let the dye soak in the fabric.
Afterward, rinse the fabric with cold water and then wash the fabric to remove
any access dye or any chemical from the fabric. After you dry it in the open,
it’s ready for use.

When the dining table runner dries
up you can now attach any beads and tassels to it. Keep from attaching the
extra accessories at the end that will be hanging off the tableside. If you
place the beading in the center it will disturb the balance of anything you
will place on top of the runner. Attach tassels at the end for that chic

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Table runners look great on Wooden Dining Table, add bright colored runners
on the tabletops to add personality to the bars and your space. 


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