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How to catch Tornadus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


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This guide is about Tornadus, you can go see our other guides for Thundurus, Landorus and Enamorus for how to catch them. 

These three and their new fourth companion are maybe one of the most annoying, downright awful to even deal with Pokémon in the entire game. This is worse than the hordes of Paras that lurk in the grass. 

Fast-moving with a vague and ungodly amount of line of sight, they will spot you immediately and begin zipping around the area in ways that you will and I repeat, you will be chasing them around too. 

Tornadus can be found near the Alpha Glalie that lurks in the Bonechill Wastes of the Alabaster Icelands. 

tornadus 4

Tornadus follows similar rules to Thundurus, in that you’ll need the weather to be the worst conditions it can possibly be in the area. For Alabaster, you’ll require it to be a blizzard indicated by the different types of weather icon in the corner. 

weather pkmn la
tornadus 2

If it isn’t a blizzard upon entering, simply rest in the camp until it is, usually by choosing rest until nightfall and then it will be the next day. Repeat this and then head to the Bonechill Wastes once it is a blizzard. 

You’ll see Tornadus hovering around the area, so you’ll either want to use some of the stealth items to get the jump on him or simply brute force your way through. The easiest method I found is to launch Jet, Wing or Feather balls as they often go in a straight line and go much further than any other item. 

tornadus 5

If you have a Pokémon in one of these balls, it still functions similarly, allowing you to potentially break his shield and initiate a battle. 

Tornadus is a basic flying type, so just wear them down until you can catch it. Then it’s time to head onto the other two. 

This is part of our ongoing Pokemon Legends: Arceus guide series, with everything to do with the game and more – including Pokemon Go – all living in our dedicated hubs for the games

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