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How to catch Thundurus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


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This guide is about Thundurus, you can go see our other guides for Tornadus, Landorus and Enamorus for how to catch them.

These three and their new fourth companion are maybe one of the most annoying, downright awful to even deal with Pokémon in the entire game. This is worse than the hordes of Paras that lurk in the grass. 

Fast-moving with a vague and ungodly amount of line of sight, they will spot you immediately and begin zipping around the area in ways that you will and I repeat, you will be chasing them around too. 


Head to the Coastlands and ensure that you’re in a real storm. You need the icon on the map to indicate this or just look around you and see the lashing weather come down. When you fly, you should hear the wind if you’re really unsure. 

weather pkmn la

Go down to the very edge of the map, nearby the two rocks that make an arch. There you should find Thundurus zipping about. This one is particularly annoying, as you’ll need to chase him around on the back of Basculegion, but you can always use the jump and slow-motion throw to try and catch him off guard. 


You’ll need to bring with you a Jet, Wing or Feather ball for the best chance of initiating a battle, as these go straight rather than the usual arc. Upon doing so, whittle down his health and go in for the throw. 

The biggest issue here is being targeted by the dozens of Pokémon that lurk in the waters, so if you need to heal up, be sure to fly above them to prevent the targeting. 

Once caught, you have some more to go after. 

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