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How and where to hire a Character in Fortnite


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In order to obtain the new The Rock skin in Fortnite, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges – including hiring a Character and travelling with them for 1,000 meters. This seems easy enough… until you try and find an NPC that you can hire. If you’re still struggling to unlock this one, here’s every hirable Fortnite NPC and their location.

Fortnite Character locations

Of all the characters currently roaming the Fortnite island, only six have the option to hire them. The issue – even when you know who and where you are looking for – is that, with this being a current, popular challenge, that’s six characters between 100 people, all potentially looking to hire a Character. So you’d better make sure you’d drop straight in, run right to your Character, and make sure you also get equipped to take anyone else down on the way.

The six Fortnite Characters that are available to hire and their locations are:

Agent Jones One of Four Seven Outposts at random
Lt. John Llama North of Covert Canyon
The Visitor The large island to the east of Th Sanctuary
Jonesy the First The Joneses
Brainiac The Joneses
Galactico Tilted Towers

Note that Agent Jones is probably one to avoid as he spawns in one of four different Seven Outposts each match, making him the hardest to locate. If you did want to try him, each of the Outposts you could find him is marked below, as well as the other five NPCs locations in a more visual format.

New Project 24

How to hire an NPC in Fortnite

Once you’ve found a Character you can hire, it’s pretty easy to get them to work for you. All you’ll need is Gold Bars. After you’ve made sure there aren’t any opponents waiting to take you out, go up to the NPC and interact with them. At this point, a menu of options will appear at the bottom of the screen, including a character icon with a + on it. This is the option to hire the character, and if it doesn’t appear, then the character you are speaking to can’t be hired.


How to complete the challenge Hire a Character and travel 1,000 meters with them

Once you’ve hired a Character, in theory, the rest of the challenge is pretty simple. You just need to, well, stay alive. As you need to travel 1,000 meters with your Character, you’ll need to head around the map – so no camping – and if you or your Character gets taken out, you’ll need to hire another one in your next match. Your distance will count, though, so no need to worry if it takes you a few attempts – it’ll just cost you those Gold Bars each time.

Fortnite Foundation Challenges

Take a look at our full guide on how to get The Rock skin in Fortnite to find out every challenge you’ll need to complete, and which cosmetic each challenge will unlock. While the Character challenge will only unlock the Weapon Wrap, you will need to complete all Page 1 challenges in order to get the Tactical Visor Toggle Emote – i.e. The Rock – and that includes completing this challenge. So get going and team up ASAP.


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