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Hollyland Solidcom M1 Intercom Firmware Update – Adjustable Mic Gain, IP Allocation, and More


Hollyland Solidcom M1 Intercom Firmware Update – Adjustable Mic Gain, IP Allocation, and More

The new free firmware update v1.1.2.8 for the Hollyland Solidcom M1 full-duplex intercom system has been released. It brings adjustable microphone gain, dynamic IP allocation, new working modes, and a changeable belt pack name.

The Shenzhen-based Chinese company Hollyland has been offering (relatively affordable) wireless video transmission systems for years.

Back in 2020, they ventured into the world of wireless intercom devices with the Hollyland T1000. This intercom system offered a full-duplex capability for up to five people. Make sure to check our Hollyland T1000 review in case you missed it. In 2021, the company followed with a larger Hollyland Solidcom M1 that supports up to eight beltpacks (review here).

Hollyland Solidcom M1 – intercom on a budget?

First announced in July 2021, the 1.9GHz full-duplex wireless intercom station Hollyland Solidcom M1 caught the attention of many professionals from our industry as it promised to offer the same or similar features and specs as other much more expensive solutions.

Hollyland Solidcom M1 Set
Hollyland Solidcom M1. Image credit: CineD

Reliability and quality of the connection are the alpha and omega when it comes to wireless intercoms. It seems Hollyland Solidcom delivered on this promise – for more information and real-world tests, make sure to check the Hollyland Solidcom M1 review from my colleague Florian. The good thing is that Hollyland keeps improving the system with firmware updates. Recently, they launched a new update v1.1.2.8 that further enhances the usability. Let’s take a look at the details.

Hollyland Solidcom M1 firmware update V1.1.2.8

There are four new features included in this firmware update:

  • Adjustable microphone gain. To help improve voice intelligibility and user comfort, the belt pack now provides a button-selectable microphone gain selection screen with three environment settings – Noisy, Standard, or Quiet – allowing gain to be adjusted from -2dB to +6dB.
  • Dynamic IP allocation. The new network configuration settings make it easier to assign dynamic or static IP addresses for each device on Wi-Fi networks to help prevent potential network configuration problems.
  • Flexible working modes. Eight new working modes, such as “Announce”, “Talk and Listen”, “Listen-only”, “Force Listen”, and more, have been added. These modes increase communications flexibility and can be selected based on current team tasks. The original group functions are still available for users who prefer not to use the new working modes.
  • The name of the belt pack can be changed. Each belt pack can now be individually named from the app or device web page. This makes it easier for system operators to identify team members and individual belt packs based on role or function.
Solidcom M1 system. Source: Hollyland

Price and Availability

The firmware update is available now and it can be downloaded free of charge directly from the Hollyland support website. The page also includes a step-by-step manual on how to update the firmware.

The whole intercom system comes in two versions (kits):

  • Hollyland Solidcom M1-4B includes four belt packs and currently sells for $4,299 (around €3,900 plus VAT in Europe)
  • Hollyland Solidcom M1-8B includes eight belt packs and currently sells for $6,999 (around €6,300 plus VAT in Europe)

What kind of intercoms do you use for your crew? Do you have experience with Hollyland products? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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