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Here’s why the LG C2 42 inch and 48 inch are priced the same


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LG’s new C2 series of TVs looks set to take 2022 by storm, already sparking huge anticipated amongst TV enthusiasts and fans of the brand. While we don’t have a concrete date for the release date of either, you can pre order both the 42 inch and 48 inch models over at John Lewis in the UK. Weirdly, however, both TV sizes currently feature the exact same pricing.

Despite TV size being one of the main factors that affects pricing, LG has seemingly decided to launch the 42 inch and 48 inch with the same launch price (if John Lewis pricing is correct). Due to the confusion this has caused, we’re going to be breaking down the fundamental differences between the two panels in an attempt to get a better understanding of this weird pricing structure.

LG G2 release date, price specs

LG C2 42 inch vs 48 inch: Why are they priced the same?

On the face of it, the specifications of the 42 inch and 48 inch C2 OLED TVs are basically the same. They will both feature the same; Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor, OLED panel technology, HDMI 2.1 support, peak brightness, infinite contrast, perfect blacks, design language, and materials. So why is there no difference in the pricing?

Well, one theory speculates that LG is using the fact that the C2 42 inch is the ‘world’s first 42-inch OLED” as one of its main selling points. If this was the case, it would come as no real surprise to be honest – with most products that feature ‘world’s first’ technology being overpriced.


Additionally, some insiders have discussed the intricacies of making smaller TV panels – explaining how smaller screen sizes often lead to higher levels of waste. Obviously, manufacturing companies try to offset waste in the pricing of a product, which leads to the 42 inch having a higher than normal price tag.

A great example of waste adding to price can be found in the older LG TVs – where LG’s 48-inch OLED TV was priced identically to the 55-inch model.

One area that will not contribute massively to the price is the OLED screen manufacturing process. As LG Displays manufacture all OLED panels, it shouldn’t have a huge impact on the price of either display – with no competition from alternative companies present.

Alongside the C1, the C2 42-inch looks set to go toe-to-toe with PC-tailored OLED alternatives. The likes of the ASUS PG42UQ and Gigabyte’s FO48U are two main contenders in the OLED space, giving users a fairly difficult decision to make – especially when you take the high C2 price tag into consideration.

Despite the prices of both the LG C2 42 inch and 48 inch being the same, it’s unlikely that the smaller variant will maintain its price. Chances are, we’ll see a decent drop in price around 2-3 months after the official unveiling of both. Regardless of price, the 42 inch C2 will likely become one of the best gaming TVs of 2022 – offering a stunning visual experience that is great for gamers, PC users, and general TV users.


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