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Guilty Gear Strive: Baiken gameplay and release date revealed


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Long-time Guilty Gear fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Baiken’s time in the Strive spotlight is about to begin! Her long overdue arrival coincides with the version 1.13 patch, which provides bug fixes for existing characters. Baiken’s release also comes with a new stage and background music for the series’ beloved one-armed samurai.

Baiken will be available to download on January 28th for holders of the season pass. Those without the season pass that wish to try Baiken as a standalone character will have to wait until January 31st

An old favourite returns

A long-time fan-favourite character, Baiken has been with the Guilty Gear series from the very beginning. She appeared in the first game in the series as a bonus character, albeit with no connection to the story. Since then, Baiken has gone on to appear in most games in the series.      Fans were hopeful for her inclusion in Guilty Gear Strive right from the start, but their hopes appeared to have been dashed. When the character Nagoriyuki was revealed, his samurai aesthetic suddenly made Baiken less of a sure thing. Along with that, Naguriyuki also displayed the vampiric powers of another fan-hopeful inclusion; Slayer. But although Slayer has yet to make an appearance in Strive, it seems as though Guilty Gear can’t get enough samurai flavour. Fresh off the back of her cross—over appearance in Samurai Shodown, Baiken is back to bring the hurt to Gears and humans alike.

Baiken’s playstyle

Guilty Gear Strive’s gameplay is notably more streamlined than past series entries. This allows for less of a barrier of entry for newcomers, but also leads to fast-paced and exciting battles. As is the norm for returning characters in strive, Baiken has seen her moveset reduce in complexity. But this by no means makes her a pushover. As a trade-off, Baiken has been given some interesting mechanics, including her grappling claw named Kabari now tethering her to the opponent. It seems that the developers intend her to be a more up-close-and-personal character this time around, befitting Strive’s faster-paced gameplay.  And not to be outdone at long-range, one of Baiken’s super moves is Kenjyu, which launches a large fireworks projectile across the screen. With this expanded Arsenal, Baiken will be a force to be reckoned with for any Guilty Gear Strive player, old or new.     

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Baiken’s backstory

In the early days of Guilty Gear’s labyrinthine lore, Baiken’s home and family were taken from her in a Gear raid. Since that day, she has sworn to enact her vengeance on the creator of the gears, the character known as ‘That Man.’ Far from an unimportant plot point, this detail could have wide-ranging consequences for the future of Guilty Gear’s story. Why? Well, if rumours are to be believed, That Man, aka Asuka R Kreuz, will serve as the final playable character in Guilty Gear Strive’s Season Pass 1. And debuting alongside him will be the game’s “Another Story” mode. Could this additional story content feature Baiken finally claiming her revenge? Sparks are set to fly when Season Pass 1 comes to a close in the near future.


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