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Google Pixel 6 series updated: what has changed?


After weeks dealing with issues related to the Pixel 6 series’ software, Google released the January security patch a bit earlier than expected. The new OTA files were published last Friday and brought some fixes to Pixel 6 well know bugs. But does it change much?


  • After suspending the December security patch release for the Pixel 6 series, Google finally fixed the flagship’s software bugs.
  • Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro build numbers change to SQ1D.220105.007 and SQ1D.220105.007, respectively.
  • The features Hold For Me and Call Screening from the Phone app are back — in some regions apparently.

If you have one of the newest Google phone devices, like me, you got really excited these last days. The reason for it is that Google finally released some fixes for the Pixel 6 series software bugs and the latest security patch files. Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro build numbers change to SQ1D.220105.007 and SQ1D.220105.007, respectively.

Pixel 6 january security patch update
The OTA update has 215 MB of pure bug corrections and security improvements / © NextPit

According to the company, the system update is supposed to tweak the biometric sensor, camera, and support 23W wireless charging with the Pixel Stand 2 (in our review we stated some relevant issues related to it). Google also fixes issues related to the emergency calling bug in the US (CVE-2021-39659) and brings back the features “Hold For Me” and “Call Screen” to the Phone app in some regions.

After updating the Pixel 6 Pro to the newest version, somehow, I must say that not everything is normalized.

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What did really change?

In the Pixel Phone Community hub, we can find the changelogs (in English) to the December 2021 and January 2022 updates. Since Google suspended the update release last month, the new OTA files should cover all the fixes and improvements from both months. As shown in the screenshots above, the update size is 215 MB, which means you should expect some nice improvements in performance and stability too.

Besides the usual security fixes for the Android operating system, my Pixel 6 Pro still keeps presenting bugs with the camera processing image and swiping gestures in the display. Since I’m based in Germany as well, the features “Hold For Me” is still not appearing in the Phone app settings, so I believe it’s only a US market functionality (please, let me know in the comments section if you get it). Only “Call Screen” is available:

Google Pixel 6 Pro update call screen
The option “Hold for me” doesn’t appear in the Phone app setting yet, but my Pixel 6 Pro can now use the volume rocker to adjust volume streaming on Chromecast devices / © NextPit

On the bright side, though, according to the XDA-Developers team, the January update patches a loophole in Android 12 that allowed third-party apps with shell access to change the colors and dimensions of certain system elements, which did permit some system customization without root access or other device modifications.

And now, finally, I can use Pixel 6 Pro’s volume rocker to adjust Chromecast volume for streaming apps as Sky Ticket and Mubi, but strangely not for the YouTube app.

In the next days, I will keep a closer eye on the changes mentioned above, and I promise to report any bugs or fixes that I notice, so be sure to follow NextPit on FacebookTwitter, and Telegram for more information regarding the Pixel 6 series update.

Did you update your Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro already? What are your thoughts about the update until now? Are you happy with the devices? Please let me know in the comments below!


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