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Glorious PC Gaming Race Buyer’s Guide

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Glorious PC gaming race has become a household name when it comes to gaming mice and keyboards over the last few years. Those of you who have been present in the PC gaming space for a while are probably familiar with the meme that inspired the company’s name, arrogant PC gamers who flaunted the superior hardware of PCs over consoles gave birth to an in-joke centered around ironic elitism.

Initially, the meme ironically utilized the ‘master race’ phrase, Glorious smartly chose not to include this controversial term in their company name, in this meme, PC gamers were represented as stoic, musclebound godlike figures with flowing hair, in stark contrast to console gamers who were delineated as filthy plebians. This amusing machismo image then became the branding of Glorious PC Gaming Race, more commonly known as Glorious.

Glorious had humble beginnings back in 2014, initially just producing mousepads, They then expanded their range of products to include gaming mice, keyboards, mouse bungees, and more. We recently reviewed the Glorious Model O- gaming mouse and were very impressed by the ergonomics, performance, and overall design. Now we’re here to give you a rundown of the other products manufactured by those glorious fellows over in Texas.

Glorious Model O/Model O Wireless gaming mouse

Possibly the most sought-after product from Glorious’ extensive range is the esteemed Model O gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is aimed squarely at the ergonomic, ultra-light market and has a swathe of features that make it very competitive, especially for the price. Given that Glorious’ mission statement is maximum performance the impressive specs come as no surprise, the big ones being a competitive-standard Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, 12,000 max DPI, and a 61g/2.1oz weight.

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