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Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date, Trailer


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Ghostwire: Tokyo is in an interesting position. It’s being published by Bethesda, a Microsoft-owned studio, but is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 on consoles, at least for a year. It’s also an amazing-looking game about hunting ghosts in modern-day Tokyo, using a combination of martial arts skills and magic spells.

ghostwire tokyo screenshot

With the game coming out later this year, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the release. To help tide you over, we’ve compiled all of the most-important release information into one place.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date

The game has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. I was first announced at E3 2019 by famed horror game director Shinki Makami, although not much was shown. One thing we did learn at the event, was that the game was going to be an action-horror game, right in his wheelhouse.

As of right now, the only release window that we’ve been given for Ghostwire: Tokyo is 2022. While it’s reassuring that the game is coming out this year, with delays becoming more common than ever in the games industry, it’s probably best that you don’t hold your breath for this one just yet.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Trailer

On the plus side, since that initial E3 reveal we’ve seen a few more expansive trailers for the game. The gameplay takes place in a first-person perspective, and mostly focuses on traveling to different places in Tokyo that are haunted by ghosts. Once you find the ghosts, you have to use a combination of attack skills and magic to weaken them, before banishing them completely.

One of the biggest draws for the game has been the use of traditional Japanese Yokai as the main enemies. These folkloric creatures are super interesting and varied in their mythologies, so for many international players getting the chance to find out more about these creatures is a big pull toward the title.

You can check out the most recent trailer below. It shows off a bit more of the cinematic side of Ghostwire: Tokyo, including the main character facing down against several Yokai at the famous scramble crossing in Shibuya.


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