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Ghostwire Tokyo monsters guide: List of Yokai and what they do

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Ghostwire Tokyo’s thematics are all about Japanese folklore, featuring a wide variety of myths and superstitious legends. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a wide variety of monsters spanning centuries of myth. Each has different abilities, counters, and difficulties. Here is a guide on all the Ghostwire Tokyo monsters and Yokai.

Ghostwire Tokyo Monsters guide

Ghostwire Tokyo flying yokai
Shine Dancers are nasty flying type enemies.

Throughout the game, you will encounter a variety of monsters, most of which appear from different stages of the game. In addition, you will find some monsters are different elite levels of enemies found in the game. It is worth mentioning that most of the enemies, regardless of tier perform similar skills, so studying one opponent means you can beat the next. In most instances below, we have offered some general gameplay tips to take on these Ghostwire Tokyo Yokai.

Many enemies wield umbrellas to counter Tokyo’s rainy climate. When the umbrella arcs forward, it behaves like a shield, so keep in mind when fighting certain types of enemies. We recommend the fire spell upgrade that allows the skills to pierce umbrellas, especially when you start fighting the tougher adult-themed monsters.

The early enemies you meet are the adult-themed demons, especially the weaker ones, along with the school demons. As you get stronger, you will begin encountering the elderly demons and the first levels of elite demons along with higher tier school and adult themed yokai. At the end of the game, you will encounter every single type of enemy including the big bad elites and some boss battles. The game doesn’t throw incredibly strong enemies early on, allowing you to get to grips with your move set, upgrades and wider abilities and consumables to tackle them head-on.

When you start encountering the elite themed demons, you need to use your arsenal to properly beat them. The Kuchisake and Lamentations are obvious examples, as they frequently appear through main missions, and when you clear gates as part of you unlocking more of the map. We recommend using the stun talisman to even the odds against overwhelming foes.

Here is a list of enemies you can expect in Ghostwire Tokyo. We have separated the lists of enemies based on themes. We have also provided a few tips on beating certain enemies if they stand out.

Adult themed Yokai

  • Rain walker – the basic suit umbrella enemy, walks slow, and uses its umbrella to shield itself.
  • Rugged Walker – A larger type of Rain Walker, which has more HP and hits slightly harder.
  • Rain Slasher – female version of the rain walker, this enemy is slightly faster than rain walker and deals more damage but has a weaker umbrella shield.
  • Shadow Hunter – Police themes rain walker with a strong baton, decent health and a good shield umbrella.
  • Relentless Walker – The big boss of the rain walker themed monsters. This has a lot of HP, a strong umbrella and wields a giant hammer that can stun you with its heavy swings.  Try to perfect block these enemies or dodge them the best you can
  • Rage Walker – the most aggressive version of the Rage Walker. They can be quite fast, hit really hard, have lots of health, and a strong umbrella defence.

School themed demons

  • Student of Misery – the school girl, themed monsters. The headless girls are very fast and quite agile, but have low hp and weak damage.
  • Student of Pain -male versions of the Students of misery. They tend to take more damage than their female counterparts but are easier to hit.
  • Shine Dancer – a floating ghost that flies through the sky on a hanging rope. These tend to be quite tanky but don’t do much damage 
  • Colored jackets – These enemies don’t appear in the database, but are more elite versions of the school demons. These are much faster enemies, tend to teleport more, deal more damage, and perform bursty combo moves with their hands and feet.

Flying themed demons

  • Wanderer – Flying ghosts, drenched in a ghoulish cape that cast ranged attack.s They tend to be rather weak and have low HP.
  • Shine Dancer – A type of ghost hanging from a rope, with a sadistic smile drawn on its round head. They are more strudy versions of Wandereres and have hard hitting attacks.

Elderly themed demons

  • Passenger – The weakest and the lowest damage dealers of the flying damage types.;
  • Paper Doll – These enemies tend to be ranged enemies that breathe fire skills at you. Hitting these enemies with wind ether skills tend to stagger their spell casts.
  • Passenger – a slightly stronger version of the Paper Dolls – tends to fire a very big fireball rather than several little ones.
  • Marionette – the healer type of the paper doll themed ranged enemies. Try to interrupt their green energy casts before they heal their allies.

Elite demons

Ghostwire Tokyo Shiromuku
Shiromuku is one of the biggest elite enemies in Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Kuchisake – a giant female boss, dressed in a white coat. These wild giant pairs of scissors deal lots of damage and are quite tanky. It is also the first elite type of enemy you encounter fairly early on in the story. Kite the best you can, perform perfect blocks, or use stun talismans to make fighting them easier.
  • Crimson Kuchisake – Red coated version of the traditional wedding dress bride demon. These unmask themselves and are more savage, hideous tanky and brutal than their white dress counterpart.
  • Lamentation – Flying elite ghosts that can come down to the ground and pounce on their enemies. They are quite tanky and deal a lot of damage.
  • Shiromuku – giant female wedding dress demons who never got to marry their loved one. These demons are extremely strong, perform ice-themed magic that slows you and make life harder and are capable of separating KK and Akito. Try to kite and perform perfect blocks to counter these enemies.

Lastly, there are some other Yokai in the game. However, most of them are only relevant to one or two quests or are considered neutral and friendly to players. As those are the case, we have not mentioned them in this article. We have also not mentioned the boss demons in the game so we don’t spoil them.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo yokai guide. For more guides on Ghostwire, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub?

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