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Ghostwire Tokyo KK Investigation Notes locations guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo is filled with collectables throughout the open world, one of them being KK Investigation Files. When you make your way into Chapter 2, the game will prompt you with the ability to grab KK Investigation Notes, which are a great way to get extra skill points to help embolden your build and playstyle. Here is everything you need to know about the Ghostweire Tokyo KK Investigation Note locations.

Ghostwire Tokyo KK Investigation Notes locations

The Ghostwire Tokyo KK Investigation Notes are scattered throughout the open world. In total, there are 19 KK Investigation Notes in the game, however, not all of them are on the world map. To track the Notes down, head over to the rach Torri gate and see if the area has a KK Investigation notes to acquire. If it does, then you know there is one available.

Also, we recommend grabbing yourself the Sleuth Beads. Sleuth Beads are key to making your time easier. Equip one and then pres spirit sense and you can see a green line appear on your screen, phoning in on the location of the files within 100 meters for the first tier of prayer beads. The higher the tier, you get an extra 100meters on top. It makes tracking them down really easy.

However, some of the Torii Gates have some you cannot find in the world. These are the ones that are sold by the Nekomata vendors in the region. These Nekomatas typically require you to find a number of certain relics before you can get certain rewards. However, most sell the Ghostwire Tokyo KK Investigation Notes for 100k. We recommend doing some side missions and finding as many ether big golden cats as you can for a big payday.

Finally, the last one available on the ground is only available in Chapter 5. It is located by one of the wooden shrines in Chapter 5 before you enter Tokyo Tower. It’s hard to show you exactly thanks to it not technically being part of the map. There are also a few in the Garage when you repair the bike in Chapter 4 and some in KK’s Apartment when you go there several times throughout Chapters 2 and 3.

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With all that said, you now know how to get all the Ghostwire Tokyo KK Investigation Notes. Below we have provided images so you can find the ones in the open-world yourself if you would rather find them without having to explore Tokyo yourself.

Ghostwire Tokyo Investigation Notes Locations 2

This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo Investigation Notes guide. For more guides, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub, such as the Jizo Statues and Tanuki, as they also increase your player power?

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