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Ghostwire Tokyo Easter Eggs: Fallout 4 and Evil Within make appearances

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Every game has some form of easter egg in it, whether that be puns, little references, or direct references from something. Ghostwire Tokyo certainly has plenty of references, largely relating to Tango’s very own studio, and there’s even more to the wider gaming world. Here are some of the easter eggs we found while playing Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo easter eggs

Vault Boy makes an appearance.

There are plenty of Ghostwire Tokyo easter eggs in the game relative to the studio. In fact, in one of the very missions, you’ll find the Tango Softworks logo on a bookshelf. This logo doesn’t go away as you can find it throughout the game world, whether on shelves, table desk, or more.

Speaking on Tango self-referenced, there are plenty of Ghostwire Tokyo easter eggs referencing the Evil WIthin series. Tango is known for its Evil Within series, and there are plenty of references to the title. In fact, some of the references in Ghostwire are in fact self insert easter eggs in the original series itself, per Fandom. These are the White Fog, Zomb Bomb, and Serbian Psycho.

However, Tango is not the only one under the Bethesda / Zenimax portfolio to get an appearance. EvilWithin for a Fallout ross over, and Ghostwire is breaking that trend anytime soon. In one of the side quests, you can get a Fallout 4 vault suite, which you can happily walk around and take selfies in if you wanted to.

Throughout the commercial areas of Tokyo, you can find custom made ads. Some are generic ones, while other ads reference other events. There also appears to be references to other general gaming themed content. You can get the Tokyo multi dome, which is a shout out to the real-life Tokyo Dome in the city. Meanwhile, there is a multiverse, which has the dates  September 30, 2021, on it. It turns out that is a start date of the Tokyo Games Show.

On another note, we found an easter egg referencing Pandora’s Box on a shelf. You can find the box on a shelf in a flashback scene after chapter 4. Opening Pandora’s box caused lots of monsters to scatter throughout the world in Greek mythology. It feels appropriate to reference that considering the monstrous Japanese world is unleashed in the game.

No doubt there are many more references in Ghostwire Tokyo. If you find any other Ghostwire Tokyo easter eggs let us know so we can share the easter eggs with the rest of the world.

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