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Ghostwire Tokyo Amalgamation last boss guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo’s final boss fight takes place in Chapter 6, where you finally get to confront Hannya and stop his plot of merging life and death together. However, the boss jas quite a few interesting mechanics that you need to watch out for if you want to take the opponent down. Here is a guide to Ghostwire Tokyo’s last boss, the Amalgamation.

Ghostwire Tokyo Last boss guide

The most interesting part about the Ghostwire Tokyo Amalgamation boss battle is that it has no direct cores and is a three-stage boss battle. The boss’s weak points instead are the masks on its body. Each mask represents one of the different henchmen. 

The first is the penultimate boss you fight, which will use wind ether magic to attack you. Try to perfect block the bolts so that you don’t die, especially if you are on hard or the special named difficulty. When it isn’t attacking and moving, then you can attack it with either your red or green spells. Don’tworry about spending red ammo as there is an intermittent phase.

After shattering the first mask and ripping at its core, you then get an intermittent phase. The phase spawns several Rainmen mobs to fight. You can use an Expose Talisman on the pack, opening them up for an easy core rip. This should grant you a mixture of ammunition types, especially if you have the perk that grants ammo restoration if you get up close and grab their cores.

Then you’re onto the second phase of the fight. This one is easy as the boss spawns back in and does a lap around the room. As soon as it stands still you can blast it with several green or red spells and easily open its core up for an attack. If it does go through, this boss represents the beast boss, the first henchman boss you fight.

Use your Expose Talisman and grab those cores.

When the mask falls, you will then get another trash phase, only this time with elite enemies. Once again, stun and expose talismans and grab their cores to easily dispatch the foes for the third phase of the fight.

The third phase of the fight resembles the Spider boss. The spider boss is known for its crashing its hands causing two rings to jump over. You need to either jump over these rings or time perfect blocks to avoid fatal damage, especially on harder difficulties. Once the move is done get under the boss and blast with red spells to its final mask. Expose its core and you win the fight.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Amalgamation’s last boss battle. If you liked this guide, then why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo guide hub?

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