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Garmin Launched Almost-True Smartwatch, Venu 2 Plus GPS-


Yesterday, Garmin released the Venu 2 Plus GPS smart sports watch. This new product adds the function of making and receiving calls on the original basis of the Venu 2 series. It can also send text messages and perform voice interactions through the voice assistant of the paired mobile phone. The Venu 2 Plus comes with an AMOLED display and has a battery life of 9 days. These are considered to be the biggest highlights of the watch. But there are many other specs that deserve our attention.

When looking for a smartwatch, appearance is the first thing we think about. In this sense, the Garmin watch has no reasons to worry about. Due to its 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, the watch can display vibrant colors. Also, the chassis carries three buttons. They all are on the right side.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Specifically, in terms of smart voice assistants, users can use the phone’s voice assistant function to send text messages, implement voice interaction, and control compatible smart home appliances. For this, they only have to pair the watch and their smartphones. Currently, it is compatible with Siri, Xiao Ai, etc. At the same time, the new product provides many smart features on the wrist. They include offline music playback, offline payments, calls and SMS notifications, calendar reminders, social media updates, news summaries, etc.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus: Health And Sport Tracking

As for health data tracking, the Venu 2 Plus can realize all-weather health status monitoring. The health monitoring modes include heart rate monitoring (users can set abnormal heart rate reminders), advanced sleep scores, breath monitoring and training, and body age. The latter is provided by Firstbeat Analytics. Other than that, the watch supports blood oxygen monitoring, pressure tracking throughout the day, reminders to drink water, women’s health monitoring (menstrual management and pregnancy tracking functions). As you can see, though we are dealing with a sports watch, there are tons of health monitoring functions. So the Garmin Venu 2 Plus can become your healthcare assistant.

In terms of private training courses, the Venu 2 Plus comes with a built-in 25 indoor and outdoor GPS sports modes. These include walking, running, HIIT, cycling, pool swimming, Pilates, yoga, indoor rock climbing, and hiking.

Our protagonist also has safety and tracking functions, including automatic accident detection (when walking, running or cycling outdoors) and manually triggered emergency help. Both of these functions will send a text message with the user’s geographic location to the emergency contact.

Finally, the price. The Garmin Venu 2 Plus costs $449. It’s $100 more than the previous generation of the watch.


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