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Fortnite returns to iOS devices thanks to GeForce NOW


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While the announcement of the new touch-friendly version of Fortnite for mobile devices isn’t just for iOS users, it certainly affects them the most since they’ve been unable to play since May 2021.

Since the removal of Fortnite from the App Store as part of a tense court case in early 2021, iOS gamers have had no way of playing the Battle Royale game on their devices. Those without other platforms on which to play the game have simply had to lay their accounts to rest for nearly a year. That could all be set to change soon as NVIDIA has announced that an iOS-friendly version of the game will be available through the cloud, with a closed beta starting in January 2022.

What is GeForce NOW?

GeForce NOW is a cloud-based game streaming service which enables you to stream your existing library of games – or any of a selection of free-to-plays – to all of your compatible devices. Paying for a GeForce Now subscription, simply put, allows you to be able to stream your favorite PC games to your TV, laptop, Mac, or mobile devices so you can game when you’re out and about, staying away from home, or just from the comfort of your sofa. Check out which games are supported by GeForce Now on their official site.

NVIDIA announces Fortnite for GeForce NOW

One of the most popular free-to-play games around, Fortnite is available on GeForce now already, but the new, touch-screen enabled version will be bringing it to mobile devices as well. As NVIDIA are working with Epic Games to develop the touch-screen compatibility for GeForce NOW, the game is understandably still a work in progress, hence the upcoming closed beta which anyone can apply to be a part of.

Fortnite comes to iOS NVIDIA GeForce NOW

How to play the GeForce NOW Fortnite closed beta

Both iOS and Android gamers can apply to access the Fortnite mobile closed beta, starting later in January 2022. Sign-ups are live now, and you can join the waitlist at

Note that by entering an application to join the closed beta, you are not guaranteed entry, as places will be limited. However, while you do need a NVIDIA account, you do not need a paid GeForce NOW membership to take part, so there’s no harm in joining the waitlist!

A brief history of Epic Games vs Apple

Epic Games vs Apple NVIDIA GeForce Now

The reason this announcement is even more exciting than it normally would be is due to the fact that iOS Fortnite gamers have been unable to play the Battle Royale on their mobile devices since a heated court battle between Epic Games and Apple back in May 2021. Meanwhile, Android users have retained access to Fortnite mobile, despite a separate court case between Epic Games and Google.

In short, the court proceedings related to payment processes on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, which prevented Epic Games from selling V-Bucks in-game. Since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, there is no charge on the App Store, but Epic Games then proceed to make money from in-app purchases, which Apple took issue with. Epic Games, in turn, took issue with the 30% cut Apple takes from App Store sales, which effectively resulted in either a loss for Epic themselves or higher prices for Fortnite consumers. In the long-run, an agreement couldn’t be reached and Epic Games lost the lawsuit, leaving Fortnite to be removed from the App Store and, consequently, iOS devices. Until now.

Check out our original articles on the Epic Games vs Apple story if you’re interested in getting more background on the series of events leading to Fortnite’s App Store removal.


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