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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 Resistance: What’s new?

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 is here, and the Resistance brings some of the biggest overhauls to the Battle Royale we’ve ever seen.

Even the basic features of the third-person shooter have been changed, as your health and shields have even seen a change in order to counter the now missing building feature. In addition, you can sprint faster than ever. Can’t build? Simply run away! In fact, there’s so much to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2: The Resistance, so let’s get started at looking at all the new features in a bit more detail.

What’s new in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2: Resistance?

Building has gone from Fortnite Battle Royale

In the most noticeable of the new changes, Epic Games has removed the building mechanic from Fortnite. While this may sound shocking, it has actually been brilliantly worked into the long-running Fortnite storyline. Without spoiling it too much, recurring character Doctor Slone has removed the ability to build, leaving The Resistance (i.e. us) open to damage. Thankfully, new character The Imagined has found a way to help…


That’s where Overshield comes in. This new feature provides an additional 50HP from the second you land. You still start with the usual 100HP health, and can still add another 100 in shields, giving you a total of 250HP in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. Overshield automatically regenerates over time, so you’ll always be able to build it up, regardless of what you have in your loadout.

Movement changes

On top of the addition of the Overshield, you’ll also notice there have been some upgrades to your movement capabilities in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. This is, again, to counteract the loss of building, and give you some sort of a fighting chance against the enemy.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Mantling

Since you can’t build your way up to higher ground now, something had to be brought in to help, and that’s Mantling. Mantling is a brand-new movement mechanic in Fortnite, and gives you the chance to lift yourself up onto ledges and furniture.

Now, don’t think about this one too much, as you’ll find you can lift your own weight easily from one floor of a building to the next (Yes, I’m sure there are some people that have that strength, but I’m certainly not one of them). But cynicism aside, it’s pretty handy when you want that Loot Chest on the roof and can’t be bothered to find the stairs. You’ll also notice a new movement animation, similar to falling from last season’s Web-Shooters, as you launch yourself from a height, enabling you to grab onto a ledge before you land.


As you can no longer build to protect yourself when you’re in a pinch, you can now just run for it with a boost to your sprint speed. While you still run like normal, you can press the sprint button for boosted speed lasting up to five seconds. Both Sprinting and Mantling should come pretty easily from the get-go, as you’ll be guided on how to use them both the first time you start playing the new Fortnite season.

Shoulder Bashing

With this new strength we’ve seemingly been given for Season 2 comes the ability to bash down doors. If you sprint or slide into a door, they’ll swing open for you like you’re some action movie hero. You can still toggle the ability to auto-open doors in your game settings, but you’ll look much cooler doing it this way.

Item voting returns

Remember those old item unvault votes that you could participate in by donating Gold Bars? Well, they’re back! And the first one is not so much an unvaulting, it’s a vote for which type of Turret you’d like to see added to Fortnite Battle Royale. The choice is between a Light Turret or a Heavy Turret. While you can deal more damage with the Heavy Turret, it’s more sluggish, so your aim will need to be on point. Vote for which you want to see at The Sanctuary.

Armored Battle Bus

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Armored Battle Bus

Another use for your valuable Gold Bars this season is to help The Resistance fund its new Armored Battle Bus. In order to see the new vehicle make its Fortnite debut, you’ll need to help the fund reach 100% by donating Gold Bars to the cause.

Cow Catcher

And speaking of pimped-up motors, you might find a cow catcher lying around the ground. This item works in exactly the same way as Chonkers tyres, just chuck it at the nearest motor, and you’ll be able to smash through any obstacle that gets in your way.

Repair your vehicles with a welding torch

In a final update to Fortnite’s vehicles, the all-new Repair Torch has come to Fortnite. Use this welder’s torch to fix up your motor if it takes damage on your travels, meaning you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite vehicle if you take too many hits – or drive into too many rocks.

This is just the top line of all the changes in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2: Resistance. Find more in the original post on, and we’ll be updating you on all the biggest Chapter 3, Season 2 news as it comes, including how to get the Doctor Strange Fortnite skin!

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