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Flabébé’s Pokémon GO Valentine’s debut

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As we reach the end of the Pokémon GO Lunar New Year event, there’s no slowing down as we’re straight into Valentine’s Day festivities. Even if you’re not loved up this February 14th, don’t worry, as you can make a date with three Pokémon coming to the mobile AR game for the very first time. And you’ll need to collect so many candies, you won’t have time for a real date, anyway.

Valentine’s Day in Pokémon GO

Flabébé, Floette and Florges come to Pokémon GO

A bouquet of new Pokémon get their PoGO debut this Valentine’s Day – Flabébé, Floette and Florges. These three floral Pokémon all have a penchant for flora, and Flabébé will not stop searching until it finds a flower it has a strong connection with, and will be unsafe until it finds one to draw power from. It will keep this flower with it as it evolves into Floette, and will eventually become one with the flower as it evolves into its final form, Florges.

These beautiful Pokémon come in five different colors; red, yellow, blue, orange and white. Pokémon GO completionists will have their work cut out for them with a total of 15 forms to add to your Pokédex – but even more so given that some will be regional exclusives for now. As such, Trainers will currently only be able to encounter each of the three evolutions in three colors.

Where to catch different Flabébé colors

Red Flower Flabébé Europe, the Middle East, Africa
Yellow Flower Flabébé The Americas
Blue Flower Flabébé The Asia-Pacific Region

Orange and White Flower Flabébé will be available globally, but will be rarer.

How to evolve Flabébé and Floette

Evolving Flabébé into Floette is a simple process, and simply requires 25 Candies for each evolution. However, evolving Floette into Florges is a little more complex. For a start, you will need 100 Candies for each evolution. From there, you will also need to make the Floette your buddy, and earn a massive 20 Hearts with it. This will take a few days, but you can earn Hearts with more than one buddy each day.

In total, if you want one of each of the 15 Pokémon in this family, you’ll need at least 750 Flabébé Candy. So you’ll want to make you catch as many of the Single Bloom Pokémon as possible while they are appearing more frequently. While they will remain in Pokémon GO after the event, we don’t yet know how rare they will be.

New Furfrou Trim available

How to get Furfrou Heart Trim Form Pokémon GO Valentines

The romantic fun doesn’t stop at the Flababe family, though. You’ll also have the opportunity to change Furfrou’s Form into the lovely Heart Trim for the duration of the event. This Furfrou Trim hasn’t been available before now, while the other Forms were introduced with the Poodle Pokémon’s debut during Fashion Week, 2021.

In order to give your Furfrou a Heart Trim makeover, you’ll need to start with a Normal Trim Furfrou. Simply head to the desired Pokémon in your storage, and select Change Form, at which point you will be given a choice of all available Forms for your Furfrou. You’ll need 10,000 Stardust and 25 Furfrou Candies.

A Global Valentine’s gift-giving challenge

During the Valentine’s event, Trainers will need to work together once again in another Global Challenge. This time, the reward will be three times the Candy when transferring Pokémon. The reward will be in place for the remainder of the event once the Challenge Goal is met, so the quicker we succeed, the better the reward!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, the challenge this time is themed around gift giving. Therefore, in order to earn the triple Candy bonus, Trainers will need to gift a grand total of 70,000,000 gifts globally. In order to help with this, one of the event bonuses is that your Buddy Pokémon will bring you gifts more often, so even if you’re not surrounded by Pokestops, you’ll still be able to replenish your gift supply.

Other Valentine’s event bonuses

In addition to the additional Buddy gifts, players will also find that Lures last twice as long during the event, and you will earn double the Candies when catching Pokémon.

New Collection Challenges

There will also be two new Valentine’s Day-themed Collection Challenges. If you complete the collection, you’ll encounter a female and a male Frillish, another of Pokémon GO’s rarer encounters.

New Flabébé-themed shop items

You’ll also be able to purchase new Avatar customization items in the in-game shop, all themed around Flabébé.

  • Flabébé Hair Pin
  • Flabébé Shirt
  • Flabébé Shorts

For a full round up of the event, Pokémon encounters and more, check out the original blog post on the official Pokémon GO website. To check out which Pokémon will be appearing as Raid Bosses during the event, and the best parties to take into battle with them, take a look at our rundown of the Current Pokémon GO Raid Bosses.

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