Chinese optics manufacturer Light Lens Lab (LLL) has announced it is releasing a new collapsible 35mm F2 lens for Leica screw mount cameras (and M-mount via an L39-M adapter).

The fully-manual lens appears to be optically similar to the company’s non-collapsible 35mm F2 lens, which is constructed of eight elements and went on sale last year. Other features visible from the teaser videos include a knob-style focus ring and the usual array of distance engravings. Below is a video shared by LLL showing a prototype version of the lens being mounted to a Leica screw mount camera:

LLL hasn’t provided specific dimensions of the lens, collapsed or otherwise, but according to Kosmo Foto, citing Leica Rumors, the lens will be available in black, gold and silver versions starting at ‘around $1,600,’ depending on the color finish you go with (it’s probably safe to assume gold will be the most expensive of the bunch).

Left: The lens when collapsed; Right: the lens when extended.

LLL doesn’t have a dedicated online shop, but requests customers place orders for the lens by emailing the company ([email protected]).

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