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Fata Deum Release Date And What We Know So Far

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The god game genre was once a pretty common sight on PC, especially in the late 90s and early 2000s. Since then, the genre sort of dropped off the radar. Now, Fata Deum is hoping to bring it back with a brand new modern title that is equal parts Black & White and Godus.

Many fans of the genre are dying to get their hands on this game, and it’s hard to blame them. The last major god game title was Godus back in 2013, and that eventually become a complete dumpster fire of a game. If you’re one of the genre’s fans who’s hyped about this new release, read on to discover more about Fata Deum.

Fata Deum Release Date

The team behind Fata Deum, 42 Bits Entertainment, was founded back in 2018 to exclusively produce god games, and this is their first title. It was initially announced back in October of 2020, with an early access release planned for Spring 2021.

Fata Deum Screenshot

Unfortunately, that early access release never came to pass, with an Alpha being made available exclusively to those who backed the project on Kickstarter. Since then, the steam page has been updated with the new release window being Q2 2022.

Fata Deum What We Know So Far

So far, this is shaping up to be a classic god game in every sense of the phrase. You control the god of some rural people and must use your powers to build settlements and increase your influence. You’ll also have to battle other gods and their tribes until you’re the only god left in the world.

Just like Black & White, you’ll have the ability to perform miracles using mana and can choose to be a forgiving god or a vengeful god. So far, we know for a fact that the game is going to feature the ability to rain meteorites from the sky and use your powers to force your people to battle for your own supremacy. There are also some interesting mechanics relating to the day/night cycle which decides what you can and can’t do with your time.

Check out the trailer below that shows off various spells you can cast and the different settlements that you can build in Fata Deum.

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