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Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands – Cheats and more in 2022

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Fallout: New Vegas is arguably the fan-favorite entry in the famous Fallout series. After releasing back in 2010, it grew in popularity over the years to become the defacto example of a great FPS Fallout title for many fans across the world. While it truly is a great game that really lets you explore a vast open wasteland, it’s still limited. After hundreds of hours poured into the game, you are eventually going to run out of new content to explore. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing though, you can use Fallout: New Vegas console commands to spice up your gameplay and see the game in a whole new way.

Of course, there is an insane number of different console commands that you can use, so we’ve gone to the trouble of gathering some of the best ones together in one place for you. If we tried to cover all of them, we’d probably be here forever, but at the very least we can help you to scratch the surface of console commands in New Vegas.

How to use the Console

To open the command console in Fallout: New Vegas you have to press the backquote/tilde key that is directly below the Esc key. Sometimes the key will just have the backquote symbol (`), but it might sometimes have the tilde symbol as well (~.) Sometimes, tilde can be found just above the right shift key. If none of these buttons work, check the keyboard section of your device manager for Microsoft home MCIR devices, as they can interfere with the console key.

Useful Console Commands in Fallout: New Vegas

With so many different options for console commands, it can be tough just finding the command you specifically need for any given situation. We’ve put some of the most useful ones into different sections below to help you find the command you need when you need it.

Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands Stats, Skills & Karma

As you might expect if you know a lot about Fallout: New Vegas, changing your stats can have a big impact on the gameplay. For instance, if you’re feeling like a relaxed time, you can give yourself max stats in every category, or if you want to do a silly challenge run, you can give yourself 1 in everything but luck and charisma. Similarly to other games in the series, you’ll need two commands to get a full idea of what you’re working with:

player.getAV [skill or stat name, or karma]
player.modAV [skill or stat name] [number] 

The first command tells you what the skill or stat is currently set to, which is helpful because some skills or SPECIAL stats don’t work how you might expect them to. Luckily, the names are exactly as they appear in the game itself. So, for example, if you wanted to return your Luck stat, you would type player.getAV luck, and the console would return your current luck value.

The second command actually adds to the selected skill, rather than setting it to that number. So, if you have a Luck of 5 and type ‘player.modAV Luck 10’, then your luck will become 15, rather than 10.

Unfortunately, you can’t modify your karma with this command. Instead, you’ll need to use the specific command below:

RewardKarma [Number]

For example, if you entered RewardKarma 100, you’d gain karma, and if you type RewardKarma -100, you’d lose karma.

Item Console Commands

Fallout New Vegas Items

Another huge part of New Vegas is the items that you can come across while traveling the wasteland. You can use the command console to spawn in pretty much any item from the game, as long as you know the correct itemID. Below, is a list of the most important ItemIDs in the game, as well as an example of how you would summon them into your inventory, and a few other commands that affect the inventory.

Command Effect Console Command
Add items to the player’s inventory player.additem [itemid] [amount]
Fully repair currently held weapon player.setweaponhealthperc 100
Removes ownership from currently targeted item clearownership
Resets current container to have original contents resetinventory

The removeownership command is useful if you want to take things without getting into trouble, but be careful with the ResetINventory command as you can destroy items that are left behind if you use it wrong. Below are some item IDs for the items you’re probably going to want to have plenty of during your gameplay.

Item Name ItemID
Stimpak 00015169
Super Stimpak 000CCEF2
Fat Man Launcher 0000432C
Mini Nuke 00020799
Caps 0000000f
All American (Rifle) 00106FEB
5.56 Ammo 00004240
Stealth Boy 00043E94
Doctor’s Bag 000CB05C

Fallout: New Vegas Cheat and Utility Console Commands

Fallout New Vegas Unlock

When you’re done spawning in items and making your character as strong as possible, you might as well take a look at the commands that we’ve listed below. These commands lie more on the side of cheating or messing with the fundamental way that the game works. Bear in mind, they might have a negative impact on your story experience, but if you’ve played the game as much as us, it doesn’t really matter too much.

Command Effect Console Command
Toggle God Mode tgm
Toggle Clipping tcl
Kill target kill
Kill all nearby entities killall
Unlock target door, container, or terminal unlock
Become a giant (use outside only) player.setscale 10
Return to Normal Size player.setscale 1
Fully Heal Yourself player.resethealth
Double Speed player.setav speedmult 200
Triple Speed player.setav speedmult 300
Normal Speed player.setav speedmult 100
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