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Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins guide

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Elden Ring’s open world is packed with secret challenges and hidden locations. There are so many bosses in this game that some are tucked away in hidden nooks, only visible to a keen explorer. The Waypoint Ruins are one such boss-hiding location. We’ll walk you through how to make the most of this optional area.

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Shortly after crossing the bridge in the center of Limgrave, you may stumble upon the waypoint ruins. This rundown structure is swarming with toxic Spore Bloom plants.

In the center of the ruins, there is a huge Spore Bloom, surrounded by a cluster of smaller ones. The largest bloom has two main techniques. The first is throwing out poisonous spores like the smaller flowers, but for a much longer duration. You can stay within the cloud and get some free hits, but you’ll be affected by the poisoned condition very quickly in return. The Second ability rains down droplets – or rays – of light that deal a large amount of damage in an area. Thankfully you can easily tell when the Bloom is charging up this attack; it extends high into the air first and takes a long time to do so. resizeimage74

If you have Spirit Summons available. The Lone Wolves summon will work wonders here. They can run in and quickly make short work of the smaller flowers, freeing you up to take out the big one.

Once the blooms are dead, you can claim Immunising Meat from a nearby body, and Miranda Powder from the large Bloom itself.

In some of the outer walls of the Ruins, there are some smaller flowers dotted around, clustering over dead bodies. One of the bodies contains a Golden Rune item.

Once this area of the ruins is clear – or if you simply dash past the blooms – you can head down a stairwell into a stone cellar. At the entrance there is a fog wall, and past it is a boss battle: Mad Pumpkin Head. resizeimage77

Defeating Mad Pumpkin Head

Mad Pumpkin Head is a large lumbering humanoid with a spiked flail and a metal pot resembling a pumpkin atop its head. Thankfully, it is much easy than most bosses in Elden Ring, more similar to the Soldier of Godrick than someone like Margit the Fell Ome

Mad Pumpkin Head has two main attacks that it uses to try and send you back to the nearest Site of Grace. The first Is slamming its heavy metal head into the ground, damaging and staggering you. The second is running towards you and swinging upwards with its flail. Both of these techniques are easy enough to avoid, made only slightly more difficult by the cramped quarters you fight Mad Pumpkin Head in.

Mad Pumpkin Head can easily be staggered and followed up with a critical attack that takes out a huge percentage of its health.

Once Mad Pumpkin Head is defeated, you can access a Site of grace and return to the Waypoint Ruins whenever you choose!

But there is one final thing that can be accomplished in Waystone Ruins. Beyond Mad Pumpkin Head’s chamber is a room containing an NPC: Sorceress Sellen. If you interact with Sellen and agree to become her student, you will be able to purchase Glinstone Sorceries from her. This is integral for anyone looking to run an Intelligence build. resizeimage76

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