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Elden Ring Stormfoot Catacombs walkthrough guide


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Elden Ring’s open world is a vast, enticing space, full of places to explore. And tucked away in the Lands Between are a number of small, intricate hidden dungeons. The Stormfoot Catacombs are one of these dungeons. We’re here to guide you through the Catacombs and discover the secrets and treasures that lie within!

Elden Ring: Stormfoot Catacombs walkthrough

The Stormfood Catacombs are located in Elden Ring’s Limgrave region. The entrance is set into a cliff-face, but easy enough to find once close. resizeimage65 resizeimage70

When you enter the Stormfoot Catacombs dungeon, you will be met with an NPC spirit, sitting on a smouldering chair. He speaks about true deaths and being called by the Erdteee’s roots.

Straight ahead is an ambush by small gargoyle-esque creatures. Rush down the corridor and into the room at the end, then dodge backward to trigger one that is hiding just out of sight. The gargoyles’ attacks can apply the hemorrhage status effect, so be wary if they manage to hit you. The gargoyles can drop smithing stones, making them a great source of early weapon upgrades.

Once finished with the Gargoyles, take the other available path. You will enter a room with  Glovewort in a coffin and a currently locked door. To the right is a two-tiered room, full of urns, burial niches, and yet more Gargoyles. Some rush at you, others hurl sharp projectiles. Dispatch them and move on. resizeimage68

Further on is a room with fire regularly emitting down several corridors, the source being flame-spewing pillars. With speed, it is possible to time your run to get past the flames in the intervals before they reignite. Run past the flames to find a corpse with an item: Prattling Pate: Hello. Hit the flame pillars to disable them. This lasts even after dying and reviving at a Site of Grace in Elden Ring. The pillars can also be reactivated with another strike. Time this well enough and you can instantly destroy any pursuing Gargoyles in this area. resizeimage69

Gargoyle grief

In a room with the flame pillars at the end of the corridor is a body with an item, Smouldering Butterfly. There is also a Ghost Glovewort just beyond. This is another Gargoyle trap. Several of them are clinging to the wall above the body, ready to jump down and strike. Some of the Gargoyles have a small fireball projectile. You can use rocks, throwing knives or other projectiles to knock them down. Once triggered, you can activate the flame pillar in this room and guide them out onto the corridor, where they will all burn alive if timed well.

Once finished with the Gargoyles – or if you want to ignore those ones entirely – turn a corner past the flames and climb a ladder, leading to an elevated area with – you guessed it – more Gargoyles. There is also more Gravewort over by a ledge. Down a corridor straight ahead is a knife-throwing Gargoyle and another ambusher lurking in its room. Definitely don’t skip this room, as it contains Gravewart and the Wandering Noble Ashes, to be used as a spirit summon.

Return to the prior room and drop down onto a sticking-out ledge to find a lever to open the large door from earlier. Beyond the door is a golden fog wall, Traverse the fog to be met by the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss.

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You can find our guide to defeating the watchdog right here on WePC.

Once the watchdog is defeated, you will receive Noble Sorcerer Ashes. Activate the Site of Grace and you can leave the Stormfoot Catacombs dungeon whenever you are ready. resizeimage67

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