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Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant Guide


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The world of Elden Ring is chocked full of nomadic merchants that each have their own unique inventory to sell you. Since the game doesn’t make these guys when you find them and doesn’t offer any way for you to mark their location yourself, it can be a bit tricky trying to find them all, let alone keep tabs on them. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together the location of a lot of the merchants in the first region of the game, Limgrave, as well as what they sell, you won’t pull your hair out trying to find that weapon or armor you’re missing.

We should also mention that we’ve missed out on one obvious merchant in Limgrave, that being Kake. Since their a bit unavoidable, and also the only named merchant in the game (as far as we know), we’ve given them their own guide.

Elden Ring Paranoid Nomadic Merchant (Beach)

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (beach)


This guy is hanging out right near the first point of grace you come to outside of the prologue. You’ll need to find your way down to the beach by walking along the cliff edge and then tracing it back along the beach. You should come across him perched beneath a giant slab with his horse, and he’s a little bit on edge about it.

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (beach) map

What They’re Selling:

Here’s the breakdown of what this paranoid boy is selling. There’s a decent selection considering how early in the game you’re meeting him. A bunch of useful neutralizing items if you feel like taking on that poison area inside the tutorial cave. Either way, you should at least aim to buy the cookbook.

Item Name Amount Cost
Neutralizing Boluses 2 600
Staunching Boluses 2 600
Stimulating Boluses 2 1500
Armorer’s Cookbook [2] 1 1500
Broadsword 1 1800
Club 1 600
Shortbow 1 600
Arrow Infinite 20
Bolt Infinite 40
Iron Roundshield 1 900
Note: Land Squirts 1 200
Note: Stonedigger Trolls 1 400

Elden Ring Surprised Nomadic Merchant (Saintsbridge)

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (Saintbridge)


This guy is easily surprised, but at the very least he’s a bit friendlier than some other merchants you’ll meet in the area. You can find him across the Saintsbridge which is the larger of the two bridges crossing the river through the center of Limgrave. Once you’ve crossed the bridge heading west, look just to your right to find him sitting by a fire playing his strange music.

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (Saintbridge) map

What They’re Selling

While this seller doesn’t match others for variety, some of the items they’re selling are insanely useful. FOr instance, the pickled turtle neck can be used to boost your stamina, and without having to murder turtles yourself (bonus). You can also pick up another warrior’s cookbook and a cracked pot to add to your collection.

Item Name Amount Cost
Pickled Turtle Neck 3 800
Cracked Pot 1 600
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3] 1 500
Short Sword 1 600
Halberd 1 1200
Arrow Infinite 20
Bolt Infinite 40
Bandit Mask 1 1500
Note: Flame Chariots 1 300

Elden Ring Friendly Nomadic Merchant (Forest)

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (forest)


This guy can be a bit tricky to find. The easiest way is to follow the main path of the forest (if you can avoid the megabears) until you come across a message lying on the ground. It should read “open for business” which is a sign to look out for the merchant’s fireplace just in the treeline. Be careful as you go hunting, there are demihumans all over the place in the area near the merchant and they’re not afraid to attack you while you’re shopping.

Elden Ring Limgrave Merchant (forest) map

What They’re Selling

Despite being quite friendly, this guy is selling some pretty gross stuff. You can get some invasion items from him if you feel like picking on people, or even some semi-decent crafting ingredients like the beast leaver and lump of flesh. As always, it’s the cookbooks that you want to be on the watch out for as they’re easily the most useful things this guy is carry.

Item Name Amount Cost
Festering Bloody Finger 5 1000
Sliver of Meat 5 500
Beast Liver 5 500
Lump of Flesh 3 800
Trinia’s Lily 3 1000
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [5] 1 1500
Armorer’s Cookbook [3] 1 2000
Hand Axe 1 600
Arrow Infinite 20
Saint Trinia’s Arrow 15 160
Bolt Infinite 40
Riveted Wooden Shield 1 600
Blue-Gold Kite Shield 1 1000


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