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Elden Ring Fort Haight walkthrough guide


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Elden Ring’s Limgrave region is packed full of secrets, treasures, optional dungeons, and hidden areas. Fort Haight is a very important location in Limgrave that can be easily missed. We’ll walk you through how to find the fort, how to dispatch its enemies, and obtain its treasures!

Elden Ring: Finding and entering Fort Haight

Fort Haight is located over on the south-eastern edge of Limgrave. Thankfully there is a Site of Grace nearby that makes tackling the area much less of a Hassle. resizeimage79

Actually getting inside Fort Haight is a challenge in itself. There are a number of soldiers guarding the stairs up into the Fort, along with a huge lumbering beast with a pumpkin-shaped pot on its head, wielding a flail.

Before you enter Fort Haight, be sure to head to the small golden tree growing on the grass outside the entrance. The Golden Seed you can claim here is used to upgrade your flasks in Elden Ring.

Once the seed is collected, make your way into the fort. By careful stealth or simply cleaving past the guards. It should be noted, if you attempt to enter Fort Haight on Torrent, you automatically dismount.

Once inside the Fort, make your way up to the battlements as quickly as possible, running up wooden walkways and past explosive barrels. There are items on the ground inside the courtyard, but going for them before dealing with the enemies here is near-certain death.

Fort Haight: Foes and treasures – Dectus Medallion (left)

The battlements are populated by knights and firebomb throwing soldiers. There are ALSO large infested rats around to distract you and chip at your ankles. The main knight atop the battlements applies blood magic to his greatsword before swinging at you. This can deal apply a large amount of the Hemorrhage status effect, so be wary. It is very much worth it to dispatch this enemy, as he drops Ash of War: Bloody Slash, allowing you to use the same technique

There is also a Smithing stone on a body on battlements, ad well as a soldier manning a ballista out on the walls. Sadly, like all its kin, you cannot operate it.

From the battlements, enter the tower and climb the long ladder inside to find a chest containing Dectus Medallion (left), a Key Item that can help operate the Grand Lift of Dectus, connecting the Atlus Plateau to Liurnia in Elden Ring. resizeimage81 resizeimage80

Once Fort Haight is clear of foes, it will be safe to retrieve the remaining items.

Returning to the second tier of Fort Haight, there is an inner room with a body and an item: Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6). Many of the crafted items within require a Bloodrose, Fort Haight has you covered! resizeimage83

When you return to the courtyard, there is a body with a Bloodrose item atop it Fort Haight is a reliable source of Bloodrose from here on out.

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