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DZOFILM Catta Ace Cinema Zoom Lenses for ARRI PL, LPL, and Canon EF Announced

DZOFILM Catta Ace Cinema Zoom lenses bring the same 35-80mm and 70-135mm T2.9 focal lengths from the Catta line to ARRI PL, LPL, and Canon EF lens mounts (user interchangeable). With an image circle of 46.5mm, the lenses cover ARRI’s large-format camera sensors. The relatively compact zoom lenses with a black aluminum alloy shell come in a Peli case with custom foam cutouts. One lens costs $3899 while a set of both lenses is $7499. Shipping will start in early March 2022.

The Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFilm first made international headlines almost two years ago with its affordable cinema zoom lenses for Super35 cameras – yes I am talking about the DZOFilm Pictor lenses. Since then, the company has been quite active as they’ve launched a series of full-frame cinema prime lenses called DZOFilm Vespid as well as a set of two full-frame cinema zooms called DZOFilm Catta. Now, DZOFilm launches another set of two cinema zoom lenses called Catta Ace. Let’s take a look at all the details.

DZOFILM Catta Ace Cinema Zoom lenses

Catta Ace 70-135mm zoom lens. Source: DZOFILM

Same as the DZOFILM Catta full-frame zoom lenses, the new Catta Ace models are available in two focal lengths of 35-80mm and 70-135mm at T2.9. There are a few significant differences though. The main difference is that the new Catta Ace zooms are designed for older SLR mounts. They come with interchangeable mounts that include ARRI PL, ARRI LPL (optional), and Canon EF. The advantage of the longer flange distance is that the lenses can be easily adapted to all the mirrorless mounts using the DZOFILM Octopus adapters or any other compatible mount adapters.

Catta Ace Zoom lens set in Peli case. Source: DZOFILM

Furthermore, Catta Ace zooms produce a larger image circle of 46.5mm to cover even the large format sensors of ARR Alexa LF and similar (DZOFILM Catta only produce a 43.5mm image circle to cover full-frame sensors). DZOFILM Catta Ace zoom lenses feature a black aluminum alloy shell and they are relatively compact at a maximum length of 187.5mm (7.38″). The 35-80mm lens weighs 1.64kg (3.6 lbs), while the 70-135mm one weighs 1.71kg (3.7 lbs). The lenses come packed in a Pelican case with customized foam cutouts.

Catta Ace zoom lens set – specs. Source: DZOFILM

Other than that, the Catta ace lenses share similar characteristics with the Catta line. According to DZOFILM, they show virtually no lens breathing and zero distortion. The iris has 16 blades for round bokeh and pleasing out-of-focus areas and it is available between T2.9 and T22. DZOFILM promises natural skin tones and reduced color offset. After all, you can judge the look of the lenses from the provided footage samples from DZOFILM.

Optional ARRI LPL mount. Source: DZOFILM

Price and availability

The price of a single Catta Ace Zoom cine lens (either 35-80mm or 70-135mm) with a Pelican case is $3899. A set of both lenses with a Pelican case is $7499. The additional LPL-mount is $219. DZOFILM says it will start to ship the Catta Ace lenses in early March 2022.

Catta Ace 35-80mm zoom lens in Pelicase. Source: DZOFILM

Do you have experience working with the DZOFILM Catta or Pictor zoom lenses? How do you like the image quality? Would you invest in the new Catta Ace zooms? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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