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Dying Light 2 Walkthrough: A main and side story guide


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Dying Light 2 is here, and with it, there’s plenty of main story quests and content to get your hands on. Below we have made this Dying Light 2 walkthrough, which features all the main story missions you will go on, along with plenty of the side quests that you will pick up and unlock as you play through the main story and the secondary objectives.

Please be aware that this game features very story-driven aspects which change depending on your decisions. Do be aware that some of the quest names, locations, or exact rewards and mission objects may change depending on the outcome of your decisions. Therefore, we are keeping the Dying Light 2 walkthrough largely vague. This is to prevent any accidental spoilers since we took our decisions, while you may make completely different decisions. We recommend using the headings tab on the left side of the article to skip to different sections if you wish to avoid any main story spoilers that may exist.

Throughout the Dying Light 2 main story walkthrough, you will find a brief description of what the main story has you doing. In addition, we will provide tips for any relevant section that is challenging that can help you complete it without giving you spoilers.

On a final note, if you are a 100% completionist, we recommend completing side missions in the first area before moving onto the second part of the map which happens after the Letz Waltz main story mission. The game revolves around your decisions, and what you chose to do in the first area can mean that the entire dynamic of the first area is different. This is not exclusive to the first area of the map either. If there’s a side quest you want to do, we recommend doing it when you can, as there’s no guarantee you can complete it later for whatever reason that may be. At the end of the game, some decisions revert so you can complete the open world, but some quests are auto-completed and you don’t get rewards from them.

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Dying Light 2 walkthrough

Main Quest

The first part of the main quest features in the game’s prologue. Since the game is fairly linear, we have decided to skip these in the Dying Light 2 walkthrough, as they are basic introductions to the game’s mechanics, featuring stealth, parkour, combat and more. Eventually, you’ll get to a screen where Hakan is speaking to you and provides you with binoculars. This is when the open world begins and you can pursue side or main story missions to your heart’s content.

The Only Way Out

Part A Stealth night mission requires sneaking through a subway tunnel. You also get introduced to a Spitter infected, the archer archetype amongst the infected roster. We recommend having spare UV mushrooms in case you need to reload your progress as the UV Mushrooms do not respawn. You’ll also need to learn how some of the awake infected in the tunnels move, as they may discover you as you try to cross tunnels and make your way through doors.

Part B: Escaping the tunnel brings you to Quarry End, which will get you kidnapped by the PK. Here you will meet the PK headquarters on Old Villedor, and you’ll make the section leader. He will tell you about how you can use the tunnels to get to the centre, but only if you do what he says.

Part C: Find the object that the PK commander wants you to find and return it to the PKs at Quarry End to get your reward.

Part D: Not it’s time to head back to the Bazaar and work out who killed the former PK commander as the PKs suspect it was someone from the Bazaar. Do side quests and get Sophie’s trust so then you can both figure this out together. – We did the ‘Missing Persons’ quest. Once that quest finished, we got the chance to speak to Sophie.

Part E: Speak to Sophie once you get her trust and learn more about her mission. Quest finishes after some RP.

Unruly Brother 

Sophie sends you to find Barney, her troublesome brother. This requires you to go into a Night Hollow at night, requiring stealth to avoid any sleeping infected still in the building. We recommend taking some UV boosters or UV shrooms as the building only gives you a few. You’ll eventually find Barney with a player decision. Be prepared to fight off a few zombies during the interlude, so make sure you have some decent melee weapons and some spare meds.

Part B: One of the decisions you can make with Barney may mean you’ll get objectives to find out what happened to Nathan, Barney’s companion. He led some of the biters out of the building so Barney could get the crystals. If you get this part, you will need to use your Survivor Sense to track his footsteps.

The Arrival

Dying Light 2 Sophie Barney
Meet Sophie and Barney. Image via Techland.

Sophie informs you about the water source issues affecting the Bazaar due to bandits hijacking the water tower. Go to the location and follow the RP dialogue from the mission. You’ll also find out the PKs are watching you, indicating you have a choice to make in the coming moments. 

The Raid 

Head to Horshoe, and you will get a tutorial about rebel bases in the game’s open world. Learn how to sneak in and take over enemy bases. Once you have completed the base tutorial, you will make important character decisions, and you will get an introduction to the game’s faction system. You may have to have a boss fight depending on your actions.

The Water Tower 

With the rebels dealt with, it means that the Water Tower is now open to take over. Infiltrate the water tower and make more character and faction choices. Your decision affects the map progress as part of the game’s introduction to maps and faction system. Once decided, you’ll follow more of the quest chain and get the next piece of the story. It involves a lot of parkour, so get ready to hone those skills and bring some spare medkits if you end up falling a few times.

Into the Dark 

Part A: Now it is time to make your way to the second part of the map to learn more about your sister’s potential whereabouts. You’ll have discovered a way to the central line, thanks to your faction alignment. However, it would be best if you powered up some stuff first, meaning you get an introduction to the Subway fast travel feature.

Part B: Once you’re done messing around with powering stations, you’ll progress to the central loop part of the map. However, things go wrong, and you need a way out of the tunnel. Expect to have to fight off hordes of infected as you race to survive until an opportunity to escape arrives. Also, our decisions made in the earlier part of the campaign meant we had to have an additional boss fight as we escaped the tunnel. 

We recommend preparing for lots of combat. So, stock up on meds, UV or immunity boosters, and weapons for the fights to come. Also, have yourself some craftable Molotov’s, as this helps when there are several Virals and biters in the tunnels. Maybe some throwing knives for the Spitters that arrive in the tunnels.

Letz Waltz

Part A: Once you get out, it is time to retrieve Hakon and return the GRE key he borrowed as a way out solution. Unite and then try and find your way to the central loop. You’ll get another player choice and get another side quest that you can only complete as part of this mission you are currently on.

Part B: You’ll eventually get into a position where you head outside of the playable open-world map. This brings you to a car factory, which is the location of Waltz, a character Aiden knows personally after the events of the prologue. Make your way to the car factory and work out what Waltz wants and give any Renegade a fight that wants to stop you from getting in.

Part C: This part of the quest is an interesting set piece. You will begin a chase scene and need to flee from the car factory into the city. Expect to run through thin tunnels, parkouring along the way. Some of the areas contains plenty of infected, so we recommend making sure you have a parkour perk that makes it easier to parkour around infected or the one that allows you to take less damage from them while running just in case. 

A Place to Call Home

When you get on this quest, you have made it to the second part of the map, the central loop. There are now plenty of more maps to explore, along with harder difficulty open-world objectives. We figured this is worth mentioning in the Dying Light 2 Walkthrough.

Part A: Learn more about how to get to the Fish Eye, also get to learn about the Glider mechanic. 

Part B: Make your way to the electrical substation and once again decide who to give the empower to. You will get a tutorial on how the game’s electricity puzzle mechanic works that provides power and grants a faction of your choice the territory the power is in.

Part C: Ge to the Fish Eye. Turns out it is under attack by Renegades and you need to defend it. Learn how to use the glider in the heat of combat, ascent skyscrapers get to know the Renegade faction some more.


Dying Light 2 PKs
Two Pk soldiers pointing at a strategical location. Image via Techland.

The leader of the PK’s in its entirety arrives at the Fish Eye. He is keen to learn more about you. He gives you a task as a messenger to give order to his troops. You will need to fight Renegades since one PK squad is in active combat. Go and see the different squad ladders and give them orders on Jack’s behalf. From there, the leader tells you more about a GRE access terminal.

Welcome on board

Part A: Work with the Peacekeepers to learn more about how you can help them and GRE databases. But, you’ll need to help set up more UV lights across the city to do that. Find out more about the UV lamps in question and what you need to do to get them.

Part B: You’ll come across a character called Juan, a man in charge of delivering UV maps to the PKs. Turns out he has his own ambitions, and you need to find something luxurious and give it to him to sweet-talk him into helping you out. Head to a luxury penthouse using some parkour tricks and the glider and see what you can find.

Part C: Return to The PK headquarters and decide to help Jack or Juan. This is one of the key decision points in the game, so we recommend thinking about who you like more and decide.

Optional: Lawan invites you to Deilor’s party after getting the luxury items. It is up to you if you want to go for the roleplay and extra character dialogue. It’s good for extra character development, but it doesn’t seem to add that much to the consequence mechanic of the game. We figured we’d include it anyway in the Dying Light 2 walkthrough, so you can get an idea of the shenanigans you can expect.


Go to the Cathedral and enquire about a tech specialist. You’ll start parkouring around the Cathedral. Use a mixture and stealth and parkour to complete the mission. The purpose of your visit depends on your previous mission’s decision. Expect to fight a Demolisher infected, which you may have already come across in the open world at this point.


Broadcast Walkthrough Volatile
You may want to perch on this box in order to survive the Volatile attacks.

Part A: Matt orders you to unite and use the UV lights and take the TV Tower. Then you can have a chat about Mia again. You and a PK squad led by Rowe are with you. However, the power is faulty, and you need to go ahead and find the squad already deep inside. When you get inside the building and ascend a few floors in mind the place is filled with Volatiles and Biters. You can opt to stealth around the area picking up shrooms, or head far left and climb the seating area to skip the first and most of the Biters. If you get aggro on the second or third Volatile you can climb a box near the objective marker that allows you to safely swing and throw Molotov’s to kill them before moving on. See the image above for an example.

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Part B: Wait for Matt’s arrival, who will help you learn all there is to getting to the roof and turning on the TV tower’s antenna now there is power. This requires a lot of parkour and unlocking the grappling hook. Moreso, the mission will teach you about the Inhibitor detector and how TV/Radio towers work in the open world. You’ll also get a choice on who to give it to, there appear to be three options overall, but you only get two options based on the previous missions. Be prepared for this mission to swing unexpectedly, making you think on your feet.

The Shoe

Go retrieve Lawan’s shoes as she ruined them parkouring up the TV tower with you. Huge story for RP purposes and world-building. Overall though its a bet meh.


Learn more about the Nighrunners. This mission may change depending on who you gave the radio antenna to at the TV tower. So the early parts of this quest may seem different to most players. However, the second part of the quest is likely the same, as it involves more solutions to tracking Waltz and the Renegade activities. Follow the lead on Waltz’s location and anything else Waltz related. 


Part A: Learn more about Veronika and what she knows about the GRE facility. This is the best lead on finding Mia, which will take you to a GRE facility, where you can learn more about the GRE in Villedor, your sister and more. The first section involves retrieving the scientist, who is currently under attack from the Renegades – who isn’t.

Part B: Veronika takes you to the Observatory, which you went to as part of the Orders quest. Only this time she knows how to get inside. Follow her lead and figure out how to get inside the facility. Once inside, continue to follow her lead and find out how to get to the terminal.

Part C: Defend Veronika from Renegades inside the facility. Then track her down she flees.

Part D: You have another face to face meeting with Waltz. Expect a boss battle with Waltz, which is the toughest boss battle so far so make sure you have decent weapons on you before heading here and make sure you have a good enough medical supply. Note his abilities involve sending out shockwaves forward, which you can dodge if you wait until the cast begins. He also does a close range AOE slam, so watch your spacing between him.

The Breakthrough

Dying Light 2 Epilogue
Meet who the Villedor citizens call, the Butcher. Image via Techland.

An opportunity has arisen to get into the Stronghold and seek the Butcher. One bit of the parkour gets tricky during a chase. Use the glider and the air vents to keep on track as you can’t parkour through the entire chase sequence while on the roof. This section is between the reacquiring the signal checkpoint and the destination. When you get to that point you get to the epilogue, only continue with the epilogue if you are happy to continue as you are locked in until the end of the game.

Throughout this stage of the game, there are plenty of decisions to make, which have a huge impact on the end of the game. 


Your epilogue conclusion will be based largely around the decisions you’ve made so far in the story, on top of the ones you still need to make at the very end of the prologue. Several endings. The Epilogue is roughly one to two hours in length, taking you to the Renegade stronghold, and other important story parts of the game. Everything you have done at this stage of the game leads you to several endings, which can be narrowed down to a specific ending based on other factors you make in the mission.

Dying Light 2 walkthrough –  Side Quest

Dying Light 2 Side Quest Walkthrough
An atmospheric shot of Villedor. Image via Techland.

Before going any further, it is worth mentioning you can get certain side quests after specific main story missions only available for a short time. In addition, you can get more side quests by unlocking windmills in different territories and assigning factions to certain territories to grant different side quests, NPCs, and more. Keep this in mind when you try to 100% the quests in the game. We have also included most of the rewards, as some offer interesting rewards, such as the Boomstick, or weapon blueprint mods.


  • Spark of Invention – Bazaar church – Rewards Spark mod
  • History Lesson – Rooftop Settlement near Bazaar – Rewards with a purple valuable item – Survivor’s Trinket
  • The Essence of Survival – Pumpkin Farm gives 3x UV bars, Turn me on unique valuable, and the recipe is a collectable.
  • Dive – Side quest to the bottom right of the Trading Post settlement – can hear her singing in the day. – 250 coins and parkour XP.
  • Ball is in your court, Bazaar church, unlocked after part C of The Only Way Out.
  • Missing Persons – Unlocked after One Way Out part C.
  • True Friends – becomes available after Unruly Brother in the Church Bazaar.
  • Fish Monk – Stavros tells you a story he learned from fish – rewards the Fish weapon charm.
  • The First Biomarker – McGregor claims he invented the first biomarker, rewards an inhibitor and some collectables.
  • Cheers – Someone poisoned the water supply at the Bazaar. Find out who. You have a decision to make that affects side characters in the Bazaar.

Quarry’s End

  • Snipers Alley – Side mission you can get that relates to your decisions made during Into the Dark level.
  • Ultimate Fury Cricket – Defeat infected in a special ring with a special club – rewards a parkour manual.
  • Master Brewer’s Bees – The local brewer asks you to get sugar bags and feed the bees in the hives – rewards three combat manuals and a special lager.
  • Expiration Date Challenge –  Deliver some slightly unappealing sausages to the PK before they go any more inedible. Rewards a combat manual.
  • The Rose Garden – Bring a florist a pink rose – Get a purple quality valuable item for your troubles.


  • Water and Lightning Challenge – Sadio, the man they call the lightning wants a race to who can deliver the water the fastest.
  • Dirty job challenge – PK Declan and his friends want to test a new weapon on a hole in the wall that infected can appear from. 


  • The Breadwinner – Night time mission Find a lad’s parents and he will give you his dad’s superweapon – Glaive.
  • Make way for the Blastaway – PK in Houndfield has an interesting game with a shotgun and a fighting ring. Rewards parkour manual.
  • Running on Eggshells Challenge. – Collect Raven eggs for a man’s friend. Rewards a combat manual.
  • Journal of a Nightrunner Challenge – Run a former Nightrunner’s exercise course – reward a collectable and a combat manual.
  • Handle with care challenge – deliver glass jars to the bazaar. Rewards a combat manual.
  • Wounded in action – Deliver letters from wounded men. Deliver the letters in proper order. Rewards a combat manual.
  • Protecting the boys challenge – Deliver some field reports 

New Dawn Park

  • Renegades – Unlocked after competing orders. Rewards a Boomstick – a custom-built shotgun
  • Afterparty – Appears after the Nightrunner’s story. Rewards an artifact quality luxury item linked to the party option in Nightrunners.
  • Rats in the House – Nikolas the bartender wants you to clean out a metro station under the canteen at the Fish Eye by flicking the switch in the metro’s command room.


  • Hooked on the Thrill challenge – Unlocks a new parkour route and can reward a parkour manual. 
  • Undying Affection – Recover some mementoes from her dead husband. -rewards Parkour XP and a UV throwable.
  • Paraglider City Tour Challenge – Paraglider time trial challenge – chance to find
  • Den to Brigitte – clear the infected after a woman needs a new home – chance to find 400 gold.
  • Garlic and Sardines Challenge – Find some garlic and sardines for a couple. – rewards combat manual.

The Wharf

  • Aitor side quest – get it during the welcome on board MSQ and if has a connection to the Renegades side quest. Rewarded a Rage Booster blueprint for the decisions I made.
  • Moonshine – Go and get the moonshine for some old friend of Aiden’s. Only get the quest based on previous decisions you made in the main story.
  • Black Widow – Males seem to die shortly after dating a particular woman. Find out what is going on. Rewards 2k parkour and fighting XP.
  • Book Club I – Peacekeepers Stonghold – Find the most valuable works of literature and bring them back for preservation – reward a military medical supply.
  • Wall of Valor – side quest in the PK Stronghold. – unlocks Wall of Valor: Lost Transmission, Deadly Exchange, and Bad Medicine. Retrieve dog togs of PK soldiers.
  • The Deserter – handle a person that Meyer thinks is a deserter. Potential rewards per decision alongside 2k XP and 1k old-world money.
  • Foster Family – Find a missing Son for Hugh – rewards XP.
  • The living Dead – A radio is picking up a  distress signal. Rewards are based on decisions you take.
  • Carriers – Find the Carrier’s guild headquarters and see what the carriers are all about and if there’s anything going on. Requires strong and fast people like Aiden to complete.


  • The Reddest Red – Kill a particular goon and give its blood to a art historian – few bits of XP and a blue quality slashing weapon.
  • Deep cover –  Unlicked after you capture the Juniper mill – Go see on a spy in a local renegade camp. Rewards are based on decisions.
  • Crystal White –  Rescue a chemist’s son who taken prisoner by the renegades. Rewards some money and 3 immunity boosters.
  • An Exemplary Grandson – An old lady ask you, her ‘grandson’ to go and retrieve pills that Renegades ‘borrowed’ from her.
  • Closure – Rescue a family’s valuables after a distraught man was using valuables as an offering to resurrect the dead. – rewards two blue quality valuables and XP.

Saint Paul’s Island

  • The Baba I – A Herbalist mixes infected parts with herbs to make ‘potions’. Hunt down special infected for her. – 250 old world money and an immunity booster.
  • Could you repeat – Deaf Pete was kicked from the PK but has a chance to return if he can rescue a kidnapped women. Can you help him? Reward 3 DIY grenades.

Lower Dam Ayre

  • Satellite Dream – He believes he received a communication witha  Chinese satellite. Clear the infected around the radio tower so the scientist can send a reply.
  • The Knick – Nighttime missions where an ex GRE surgeon needs a pacemaker for his wife. – Random rewards based on decisions you make.


Space Cock is a side quest that you can get if you discover Steve’s room in the Stronghold. You will need to climb to the roof via the garden at the very north side of the Stronghold – Retrieve some electric parks for Steve’s pet. You can complete this before the Butcher offers you a ride back to Villeor, or you can get back into the stronghold via the open world at the end of the game.

Did we miss a quest in the Dying Light 2 walkthrough thanks to our decisions? Let us know in the comments below. Or perhaps you have entirely different quests because you chose to give territories to the FP rather than the PK. Either way, we would love to know so we can see how different this game is for everyone who plays it.


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