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Dying Light 2 Volatile guide – How to kill a Volatile in Dying Light 2


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The big bads of Dying Light 1 are back, Volatiles. Volatiles are the alphas of the infected world, being some of the most athletic, healthiest, and strongest of the infected capacity. Likewise, the Dying Light 2 Volatiles are equally as dangerous and have the option to one-shot if they manage to pounce, with their bulky bodies preventing you from making an escape.

The worst bit about the Dying Light 2 Volatiles is that you need to fight them at some point. These things guard the GRE Quarantine zones and appear throughout the main story missions, such as Broadcast and in the Epilogue. You’re going to need to learn to fight or avoid them in GRE Quarantines if you want to get the inhibitors and other loot, as Inhibitors are a core part of your character progression. With that said, here is a guide on how to beat Dying Light 2 Volatiles.

How to kill Dying Light 2 Volatiles

Dying Light 2 stunned Volatile
Stun a Volatile using UV to get trades in, or to make it easier getting in the building this case.

So, you’re at a point you need to kill volatiles in Dying Light 2, are you? Well, the trick to beating Volatiles is to rely on UV Lights, quick trades, and dodges.

Dodges is the ultimate key to surviving an encounter with a Volatile. Volatiles will try to hit you really hard, so learning to dodge their powerful attack is going to help a lot. In addition, they have a move that makes them move glare, bob down a little, and pounce. If they land it, they will land on top of you and eat you alive with no room to get them off you. So, we recommend learning their attack animation patterns and recognizing when they pounce for the best chance of survival.

One of the ways you’re going to beat Volatiles is by using UV tools at your disposal. Partway through the main story, you will gain a UV Torch, will you can use in your equipment slots. Shining a UV light on a Volatile for long enough will bring it to the ground, with smoke hissing from its body as the visual cue it is stunned. When one is on the ground, you can close in and get some decent hits against it before it returns to an upright position. Be warned though, the early levels of the UV flashlight will drain a lot of energy to get a Volatile down. You may want to focus on upgrading it from a Craft Master if you find it is not that reliable.

Alternatively, a UV bar will greatly help you out. UV bars are quite common in the early game, as you can get them from vendors, quest rewards and scavenge them from military convos on the map. These things last a while and are stationary especially the purple and yellow quality version. Meaning you can swing mercilessly at the creature until it runs out.

But, if you find you have no access to UV gadgets, then you’re going to need to learn to fight it in small chunks. We recommend dodging as often as you can, get a swing or two in and doge back out to safety. This requires some great skill to pull off, but be aware it is doable. Also be careful of running out of stamina, as that will guarantee your premature death.

Lastly, we recommend using the environment to your advantage. Depending on what you fight a Volatile, there may be favourable environmental factors. For example, is there a taller surface to climb to than the Volatiles? Use that to swing safely at them. Perhaps there’s an oil slick nearby that can help to burn and whither their health away? Use that for extra damage. Perhaps you can go and grab a damage booster or a reduction booster if you have access to them. There’s no need to play fair when these things don’t play fair either.

Good luck out there in Dying Light 2. May the inhibitors be plenty. 


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