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Dying Light 2 Blueprints: locations, acquiring, and upgrades guide


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Dying Light 2 contains one of Dying Light’s most prominent features, Blueprints. The feature makes a return, offering its player base the chance to craft new gadgets, gizmos, medical supplies and other content that will help your out as you play through the game. Unlike the first game, the Dying Light 2 blueprints work a little differently. Blueprints are more like a technology, which you have a base version that you can make multiple times, and later upgrade if you want. Not to mention the way you find and acquire Blueprints in Dying Light is slightly different.

This guide teaches you all you need to know about Dying Light 2 Blueprints. This includes Blueprint locations, getting ones you can’t find, and a tutorial on how to upgrade Dying Light 2 Blueprints.

How to get Dying Light 2 Blueprints

Dying Light 2 Craftmaster buy screen
Visiting Craftmasters is one way of getting new Dying Light 2 blueprints.

Dying Light 2 blueprints are acquired in various ways. Some Blueprints you can acquire through main story missions. Meanwhile, others you can get from side quests, and many of the game’s Craft Masters sell them. However, in some situations, you’ll find mods you can get from Craft Masters that you may have gotten from side quests, especially the really early level mods.

It is also worth mentioning that you can get some really interesting blueprints in the later stages of Dying Light 2. One example is the Boomstick, a primitive scrap-based short-barreled shotgun weapon. It expires after two rounds.

Speaking of the Craft Masters. It seems that the main hub of each city that you align with has the most option available for buying extra Dying Light 2 blueprints, especially in the Central Loop. For me, it meant that the women outside the PK Wharf HQ had the biggest quantity of blueprints for sale, whereas the other Craft Masters had a smaller selection, that also offered the same blueprints as the main Craft Master mentioned above. However, there may be a few exceptions, depending on how you have shaped your world. This is just what we found as we made our choices.

Note, only some of the later tier and the higher quality blueprints can be purchased in the late stages of the game.

How to Upgrade Dying Light 2 Blueprints

Craftmaster Blueprint upgrades
This is what you can expect from upgrading Molotovs.

Have you got a Dying Light 2 blueprint that you find exceptionally useful or one that you love throwing at zombies, or perhaps applying to your weapons? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you can upgrade your favorite blueprints several times. Simply head over to a Craft Master and check out the upgrade tab. Find out what you need, gather those materials and then upgrade them.

Note, every time you upgrade a Blueprint, you will need more resources or the tier you are crafting. Once you upgrade it to a new colour quality, it will need the next tier of resources. For example, you need to collect infected trophies, which you can loot from the bodies of the infected. Common head trophies include killing Virals, Spitters, and Howlers. However, the next tier of infected trophies requires taking on Demolishers, Goons, and other mid-tier levels of infected. The next tier required you to grab unique quality trophies, which you can farm from Volatiles, Revenants and named infected bosses, albeit there is only one example. No spoilers here.

These trophies and old-world money are the only examples of resources that you will need across every blueprint update. It is also worth mentioning you need to spend more old-world money and trophies in a certain tier for every level you move up in a certain quality. For example, you will need 5, 10, and then 15 common infected trophies for upgrades in the white quality, before moving to the next tier. Rinse and repeat.

Also, it is worth mentioning Nightrunner tools will need military tech from airdrops in the open-world.

Dying Light 2 Blueprint Locations

Blueprint quest reward
Blueprint rewards have grids in the background, like the fire weapon mod in the top right.

When you start the game and get into the open world, you will find you have very few Blueprints. However, things soon change as you naturally play through the game. You’ll naturally unlock things you need as part of the main story gating, so don’t worry that you are missing on things. Below we will list the blueprints you get from the main story missions, and we’ll build a section on other Dying Light 2 Blueprint locations from side quests and other features of the game. If something is not listed, then you can likely buy the blueprint from a  craft master.

Dying Light 2 quest blueprints in no particular order:

  • Arrow – Letz Waltz
  • Boomstick – Renegades
  • Crossbow ammo types – Crossbow pack as part of the map and faction feature from the PKs
  • Decoy grenade – The Arrival
  • Flame weapon mod – The Raid
  • Health kit – Prologue
  • Immunity booster – Aitor
  • Molotov – Unruly Brother
  • Spark weapon mod – The Spark of Invention
  • Throwing Knives – Markers of Plague

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