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Dear Fujifilm, Please Make a Beautiful Brass Camera


Dear Fujifilm, I think we can all collectively agree that when it comes to retro ergonomics and modern tech, you’re the undisputed leader. The Fujifilm X Pro 3 gives us all those great rangefinder aesthetics, a titanium body, and a coating that’s difficult to scratch. But why not lean more into it? Why not go back to brass and give us the cameras that we’ll be proud to display for years to come? Just imagine how great a brass camera could be!

Fujifilm, you’ve updated cameras with new firmware many years after their discontinuation. You’ve worked to uphold all that you’ve done in the past. And of course, that’s what makes people want to be your customers. Just this past year, our Reviews Editor switched over from Nikon to your system. Our Lead Reviewer is considering leaving Canon for you. Our Copy Editor owns a Fuji. The site’s Arts and Culture Editor uses Fuji. And I, personally, have purchased a Fujifilm product every year X-series has existed.

Why do I think you should go with brass? The answer is simple yet something I know you understand: the looks.

Why would I not want to flash around my Fujifilm X100v with black paint and brass after five years of continued abuse? Can you imagine the patina it would develop? Or what about the lenses? Better yet, how about an XT4 or an X Pro 3?

Please, if you will, take inspiration from the cameras you sort of strive to emulate: Leica and the Hexar AF. Let’s be honest, everyone compared the X Pro 1 and the X100 series to Leica cameras when they first hit the market. And these days, everyone wants a Leica camera that will patina with time. I know folks that would pay extra money for it. Those are the same folks who wouldn’t mind the extra heft to the camera. They’ll hit the gym. They’ll learn to lift Sigma lenses. I’m sure that as long as they’ve got that one-of-a-kind experience, they’ll be forever sold. A brass Fujifilm camera will be something they’ll bring with them every single day. 

Combine this brass camera with all the tech you’ve established over the years. What’s more, make the camera weather sealed yet still able to develop patina. Just think about the Instagram posts, the Tik Toks, the way YouTubers will gush over the looks, and the coverage you’d get. 

The world is still not over the global pandemic, but a brass Fujifilm camera that develops patina could be something to remind us of some better times in our lives. It could also help a photographer remember where they started.

For a few ideas:

  • X series turns 10 this year. Why not a special edition X100v with brass?
  • A X Pro 3 with brass?
  • A GFX 50R with brass?
  • A special edition of the XT4 with brass
  • Special Fujifilm lenses with brass and black paint that will patina over time

Is there a market for it? I totally think so. I know that lots of folks at Fujifilm consider the Fujifilm X Pro 3 to be a failure, but it’s the perfect camera to do this with. 

Please consider brass. There’s a ton of it out there that can easily be recycled and made into cameras. And more importantly, it could add some much needed spice to the current photography market.


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